Variety Sustainability in Hollywood Returns to the Variety Streaming Room Oct. 20

Ford Motor Company chair Bill Ford to be interviewed by editor Cynthia Littleton; Joined by Hollywood Sustainability advocates including the Property Brothers, NDN’s Sarah Sunshine Manning, PBS CEO Paula Kerger & Nikki Reed.

Sustainability in Hollywood

Ford Motor Company executive chair Bill Ford, “Property Brothers” Drew and Jonathan Scott, NDN director of communications Sarah Sunshine Manning, PBS CEO Paula Kerger and Nikki Reed, actress, entrepreneur and founder of BaYou With Love, will headline Variety Sustainability in Hollywood the next installment of the Variety Streaming Room, on Oct. 20.

Variety Sustainability in Hollywood, presented by Ford Motor Company, will feature conversations with industry leaders, storytellers and social advocates discussing the future of sustainability within industries undergoing rapid transformations.

The keynote discussion with Ford and Cynthia Littleton, co-editor-in-chief of Variety, will explore his longtime role as a sustainability advocate, his leadership in the electric revolution, and the company’s role advocating for a more sustainable future through innovation and partnerships.

Ford will be joined by the Scott brothers, Kerger, Reed and Sunshine Manning on the panel discussion “The Intersection of Creativity and Sustainability.” They will be exploring how storytellers, community leaders and talent are finding ways to lead on sustainability and environmental issues, especially as Hollywood is going through a rapid transformation. Through media campaigns, entertainment projects and social initiatives, they will be discussing strategies to encourage our larger society to join the fight for a sustainable future.

“Hollywood has a critical role to play, not only by inspiring changes in individual behavior or advocating for a greater sense of collective stewardship responsibility, but in demanding and implementing more sustainable, lower carbon footprints, more renewable, circular, production processes,” said Dea Lawrence, chief marketing officer of Variety. “Every industry must do its part and we are grateful to Ford for joining us to amplify this important conversation.”

To see the full agenda and register, please head to variety.com/sustainabilityinhollywood.