Sarah Cunningham has been promoted to partner at entertainment law firm Gendler & Kelly.

Cunningham has been with the firm since 2018, working with such top writer-producer clients as Shonda Rhimes, David E. Kelley, Alex Kurtzman and Courtney Kemp, as well as actors including Steve Martin, Chris Pine and John C. Reilly.

Cunningham’s reputation as a lawyer was strong before she joined the firm but partner Michael Gendler said she has exceeded all expectations.

“We knew prior to hiring Sarah that she was a highly skilled litigator. Her references were uniformly the best we had ever heard,” Gendler said.

“Based on those references and our interviews with Sarah, we were confident she would successfully make the transition to becoming a first-rate entertainment transactional lawyer. She surpassed all of our expectations by very quickly mastering the day-to-day legal work, while also developing a thorough understanding of the entertainment business and the skills required effectively to counsel and communicate with clients and their agents and managers.”

Cunningham earned her law degree from Stanford in 2013. After college, she served as a clerk for federal judge Fernando Olguin in Los Angeles. She also worked as a litigator at Gibson Dunn for four years.

Cunningham’s elevation to partner marks the first such promotion in the nearly 30-year history of the firm led by Gendler and attorney Kevin Kelly.

In 2019, Gendler was featured as the keynote speaker at Variety’s Power of Law breakfast.