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How a Robot Vacuum Brought Me Peace of Mind

The Roborock S7 gives me clean floors, more free time and is even fulfilling my childhood dream of never having to do chores again

Courtesy of Roborock
Courtesy of Roborock

Since I was a child, I dreamt of having robots help me do my chores. Technology should enable us to simplify our lives so that we can be more present and focus our attention on spending quality time with our family and friends and do what we love. When I read about Roborock, rated the best-selling robotic vacuum brand in China, it piqued my curiosity. Nothing is better than a robot that cleans so I don’t have to.

I have a dirty little secret. I haven’t owned a vacuum in years. Don’t judge me. My three-bedroom 1940s duplex has hardwood floors and I rely on my trusty broom to get the job done. It feels like I’m sweeping all the time, under the table, under the bed, around the plants, behind the couch, under the chairs – yet somehow rogue food crumbs and evil pet dander still persist. With crazy work deadlines and needing time to myself, it’s exhausting to keep my home tidy, so I’ve unfortunately grown to accept all the (dust) bunnies as additional pets.

When the Roborock S7 arrived at my door, I felt like the father in “A Christmas Story” when he receives his leg lamp; I was overjoyed and couldn’t wait to try it out. Richard Chang, CEO of Roborock, says its latest model features “an industry-first mopping technology called VibraRise™ that combines an intelligent auto lift feature and a sonic mopping system.” This means the robot can recognize different surfaces and roam seamlessly over tile and hardwood floors, then lift when carpet is detected. “This technology ensures your carpet would not get soaked,” says Chang.

While Roborock has been developing robot vacuum models since it launched its first in 2017, the innovation behind the VibraRise™ technology was an “aha” moment for the company.

One day the idea came suddenly,” says CEO Chang. “I thought, ‘Hey, what if we took the scrubbing technology from the electric toothbrush and put it on our robot vacuums? It can scrub up to 3,000 times per minute to clean all stains.’”

As an added benefit to its state-of-the-art tech, my new Roborock S7 only took a few minutes to assemble, I was relieved to discover. The instructions suggest that I pick up cords and small objects, so I did that as I let it charge. A short while later, I pressed the start button and a nice lady robot voice spoke to me: “Starting to clean!” My childhood dream was becoming a reality.

The hungry robot glided smoothly along the floor, outlining the walls of my living room, then worked its way back and forth as if harvesting corn from a field. The crinkling sound of particles suctioning off my floor was deeply satisfying. It has a gentle hum, and in some weird way, I found it meditative and felt guilty I wasn’t simultaneously doing yoga. My cat, Lucy, was mesmerized by its movement. The two of us sat hypnotized as we watched it sweep across the floor, over and over, until Lucy gently pawed it, got terrified, leapt three feet in the air, then swiftly ran out of the room. After a few minutes passed, she made a bashful-yet-triumphant return, eager to keep playing with her mysterious new friend.

The Roborock S7 comes with a fancy app that allows you to watch as it navigates your home and builds a map of the floors. A vacuum cleaner with an app? Can it also order me a ride to the airport? I’m not a tech-savvy person, but I found it to be pretty simple to use. The app let me set up no-go zones, invisible walls and vacuum around chairs, lamps and the pile of clothes on my bedroom floor. The device was able to identify all the surfaces in my home without a problem, and it cleaned all of the rooms in one session without me having to pick it up or intervene.

The best part is that I was able to set a pin on the map for it to spot clean. I consider myself to be a messy chef, constantly dropping scraps on the floor. Now when I’m finished eating, I choose “kitchen” on the app and the robot marches right in and sucks everything up like a ravenous puppy.

 The Roborock S7 has helped me tremendously by eliminating the constant need to sweep and mop. I’ve set up an automatic schedule to clean my floors while I’m at the gym, and of course, to keep my cat company. Oh, I almost forgot: You can even connect it to other smart home devices and verbally tell it where to go.

Ultimately, I feel like the engineers at Roborock somehow hacked into my brain and figured out what would make me happy. The team behind Roborock somehow knew that my least favorite chores, and easiest to forget, are sweeping, vacuuming or mopping. It’s never-ending. We don’t realize it, but I believe people neglect their floors more than any other part of their homes. And with clean floors, you not only feel better, but you also literally breathe better. Having a way to keep floors fresh day-to-day makes a huge difference.

There is also a nifty Roborock S7+ (plus), which comes with an auto-empty docking station, so you only have to clean waste every few weeks, instead of every day or two. It’s already on my Christmas list, Dad, if you’re reading this. Black Friday will be here soon and, rumor has it,  Roborock is going to have some great deals available online.

I must say that I am delighted with my new S7. I feel like I’ve leapt into a new, dare I say, “futuristic” lifestyle in which a robot follows me around like a mother hen, cleaning up after me. But most importantly, I feel like my quality of life is now at the forefront. Having a clean home brings me peace of mind. And that’s what matters most.

To learn more about Roborock’s product line, please visit the company’s website.