The Racial Equity Media Collective (REMC), a Canadian non-profit representing BIPOC creators in the film, television and digital media industries, has issued recommendations on collecting accurate race-based data to aid diversity and inclusion initiatives.

The genesis for the recommendations was the commissioning of a report looking at data from government, funders, unions, broadcasters. After asking Nordicity to generate the report, the REMC were told there was not enough data to compile a quantitative analysis of the industry because of inadequate reporting practices within the organizations.

Instead, REMC turned their eye to reporting practices, identifying the barriers to collecting accurate data – such as prohibiting self-reporting and interpretations of Canada’s Privacy Act – and establishing a set of recommendations to encourage better reporting.

These include:

– A data system to store and manage data
– Making data accessible to BIPOC communities
– Consulting with BIPOC communities to create standards, targets and quotas.

As part of the recommendations, REMC has also urged the Canadian federal government to implement a bill that would “Formalize race-based data collection, set targets, demand accountability and ensure the community is reflected in leadership and policy design.”

They also recommend the equitable distribution of federal tax credits, which are a large source of funding for the Canadian film and TV industry, pointing out that these cannot be distributed equitably without accurate quantitative data.

“The promise of equity in Canada’s screen sector has only begun,” the REMC conclude. “The creation of a data collection system will be a multi-year process that the REMC is committed to. The REMC will continue to consult with BIPOC communities about the implementation of these recommendations and best practices. Further consultation is also required with francophone communities as well as digital and interactive producers. Our aim will be to publish these findings and more at the end of 2023.”

Check out the full report here: re-mc.org/research