Following an investigation into One America News network by the New York Times, the right-wing cable news channel fired producer Marty Golingan.

Rachel Abrams, the Times reporter who wrote the story, tweeted Monday that “One America News has fired Marty Golingan, who told us staffers don’t think many of OAN’s stories are true.” He quote tweeted Abrams with the caption, “Confirmed.”

“I’ve given up my journalistic integrity already, and to be fired, that would make me feel good,” Abrams said Golingan told her. “I would wear it like a badge of honor.”

Golingan had been a producer at OAN since 2016 and told the New York Times that the outlet had changed in recent years and moved further right during the Trump Administration. He recalled seeing a photo from the Capitol insurrection where someone held a flag with the OAN logo and admitted he worried that his work might have helped inspire the mob. The former producer also confessed that he and most of his colleagues did not believe the voter fraud claims peddled by the news channel.

Out of the 18 employees the New York Times interviewed, 16 said OAN aired reports “they considered misleading, inaccurate or untrue.” In return, Charles Herring, the president of Herring Networks, which owns OAN, asserted it has “a review process with multiple checks in place to ensure that news reporting meets the company’s journalist standards.”

Given that OAN consistently refers to Donald Trump as “President Trump” and President Joe Biden as “Joe Biden,” Golingan said news director Lindsay Oakley reprimanded him for using “President Biden” in news copy.

OAN could not be reached for immediate comment.