Simon Element, an imprint of Simon & Schuster, has won the rights to the upcoming memoir by Nicole Walters, star of USA Networks’ family docu-comedy “She’s the Boss.”

Leah Trouwborst, senior editor at Simon Element, acquired the entrepreneur and motivational speaker’s memoir from CAA in a major deal. The yet-to-be-titled book is set to be released in 2023.

Before Walters and her family, including her husband Josh and their three daughters, opened up their life to cameras on USA, she was a top-selling corporate executive and successful blogger, who garnered mass attention when she quit her six-figure sales job in front of 10,000 people on Periscope. Since then, Walters created a mutli-million dollar personal development and business education brand, sharing her expertise to help other emerging entrepreneurs and established business owners alike. The founder and CEO of Inherit Learning Company also hosts “The Nicole Walters” podcast.

“The best way to illustrate a lesson is to share your best stories,” says Walters said, announcing the new book. “I’ve been on a unique journey for the past decade – and some lessons have finally come full circle – and I’m a believer that it’s important to ‘share your scars and not your scabs.’ There are many experiences I’ve never shared because they were challenging, complex, and better served for pages than screens. I knew they had to be in a book.”

“I am thrilled to partner with Simon Element to put this memoir – this guide – out into the world, using my own personal journey as the real-life example, so that anyone can apply what I have discovered while navigating motherhood, marriage, and entrepreneurship,” Walters continued. “This book is what I have learned in the process of losing- and finding- myself. Welcome to my challenging, joyful, hot mess, purposeful, triumphant world.”

Of the new deal, Simon Element Publisher, Richard Rhorer adds: “Nicole’s pathway to success and personal fulfillment might seem singular, but it holds lessons that will empower readers to take bold actions and create the life they want. Her story is proof that no one has to settle for a small life; that reality, not just dreams, can be big.”

Simon Element was founded in 2021, with the intent to publish books addressing topics that are “foundational to how we live — from the meals we eat to the relationships we nurture, the households we manage, and the personal and professional goals we set and strive to achieve.”