Marginal MediaWorks has tapped veteran independent film producer Milan Chakraborty as its new head of film.

Chakraborty is a credited producer on 20 independent films including “My Friend Dahmer,” “Assassination Nation”, “The Lifeguard,” “Where Hope Grows” and “Plus One.” He will bring his active slate of feature projects into Marginal’s growing roster of mid-market to micro-budget independent films that focus on genre storytelling from marginalized voices. His diverse slate of projects focuses on Asian American, Black, LGBTQ, mental health and disability communities.

Starting his career at Warner Bros Pictures in production finance and accounting, Chakraborty traveled across the globe with production teams for over a dozen films including “Batman Begins,” “V For Vendetta,” “Superman Returns” and “A History of Violence.” After leaving the traditional media scene, he went into independent production. Chakraborty said it feels like the perfect time to tell resonant stories featuring characters that historically haven’t been centered.

“We know our voices drive outsized commercial value, impact culture disproportionately, and drive global theatrical and streaming businesses,” Chakraborty said. “At a time when so many companies are talking about — and often trying to reverse engineer — ‘diversity,’ I’m excited to be a part of a company that has held it as a central tenet from its very founding. Marginal has already built a slate of over 40 projects, over half in feature film alone, all from diverse storytellers. We’re excited to bring more of these to market this year and beyond.”

Recently, Milan served as an executive producer on the 80-minute independent film “The Killing of Kenneth Chamberlain” alongside Sharad Chib, Morgan Freeman, Gary Lucchesi, Lori McCreary and Chris Paladino. Additionally, Milan’s genre breakout hit “The Dark and Wicked” is currently streaming on Shudder. Founder and CEO Sanjay Sharma said that Chakraborty has been a quiet force in the independent film world for over a decade.

“He has been a secret weapon as a scout of emerging talent, material, and on the ground producing, as well as co-financing, festival and distribution strategy,” Sharma said. “We began partnering closely a year ago on Rearranged, a Nora Ephron style South Asian American romantic comedy that won best comedy screenplay at the Austin Film Festival and was a 2019 Academy Nichol semi-finalist. I realized quickly that Milan’s career commitment to emerging writers and directors, underrepresented voices and subject matter and his talent and industry relationships were a perfect complement to our growing slate as well as our long-term strategic plans.”

Marginal MediaWorks, Sharma’s third startup, officially launched in beta at the end of 2018. It is backed by Imagine Entertainment.