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Kidoodle.TV Rolling Out New Analytics Portal for Children’s Content Creators

Safe Streaming platform providing real-time data to inform partners about how their shows are performing

It’s always been fairly easy to measure the success of programs airing on cable and broadcast television. A long-accepted ratings system provides hard numbers that helps networks, producers and advertisers make their decisions.

In the over-the-top space, though, there are limited standardized ratings. As such, content performance has been a bit less clear.

Kidoodle.TV is working to change that.

The Safe Streaming service for kids is introducing a new portal for content partners that gives them clear, easy-to-grasp access to a wealth of information about how their programs are performing.

“Not only does it give partners real-time analytics, but it also opens up the conversation for brand owners to be more engaged with our service,” says Brenda Bisner, chief content officer at Kidoodle.TV.

The web-based dashboard lets content providers view lifetime plays on the Kidoodle.TV service for all of their series or individual titles. That data is broken down by day, week, month and total viewership. There are also data visualizations to provide transparency and help content partners understand the performance of their shows.

Surprisingly, this sort of tool has not been readily available in the kids-streaming space. But Kidoodle.TV aims to fill that void.

“In the absence of a robust third-party solution, we’re taking the reins and making sure this type of helpful information exists for our partners,” says Bisner. “Our first priority remains building our core mission of safe streaming. Part of this means we empower content partners with the tools they need to continue producing and monetizing quality content for families. We felt this was not just a necessary tool at this juncture but a critical move as content owners value placing their content in safe environments with partners like us who care for their brands.”

The real-time analytics provided by the interface don’t just inform partners about how their content is performing. Content partners can open up marketing opportunities and grow their brand awareness as they better learn about their audience. The portal also provides a view of a program’s success that many other streaming services do not.

“Kidoodle.TV has always been a tech-first company,” says Daniel Riddell, chief technology officer for Kidoodle.TV. “Our new content portal takes our data-driven approach to content distribution and puts the content producer in the driver’s seat. Our producers will now have access to real-time analytics on the performance of their content with market-by-market, and title-by-title granularity.”

A beta version of the dashboard is just starting to roll out to select Kidoodle.TV partners. The company expects to introduce an updated version to a larger list of content providers over the summer. Additional features will be added regularly.

Says Riddell, “The data our producers have access to via the portal will allow them to make more informed production decisions and result in better ROI for their various properties.”

Bisner notes that since Kidoodle.TV is a tech company, it can build whatever it wants. “We build our technology for a reason — because we believe in keeping kids safe online and that a safe alternative should not be a luxury expense,” she says.

“I think the Kidoodle.TV family aspect really means something. Not only are [content partners] going to reach children in a meaningful way, but they’re going to be educated in how their brands are performing in real time. Bringing the content portal to our brand owners is a necessary and thoughtful expansion of the Kidoodle.TV service.”

Launched in 2012, Kidoodle.TV takes a different approach to streaming entertainment. The strict “Safe Streaming” content review process ensures all programs are appropriate for children under 12. Additionally, the process gives providers assurances that their show or series is being presented adjacent to other quality programming — not lost in a shuffle of mediocre videos.

There is, of course, a plethora of video offerings on digital platforms, but the percentage of quality content is limited. That is part of the reason Kidoodle.TV screens so vigorously. And the back-end dashboard is designed to let creators see, quickly and clearly, how their programs are resonating with the audience — and help ensure that they are fairly compensated. Rather than using an arbitrary revenue rate that changes frequently, as some other streaming services do, Kidoodle.TV pays a competitive CPM rate that is in line with industry trends.

“It’s not just about slapping a show on an AVOD channel and hoping for the best,” says Bisner. “A lot of content owners in the children’s media space … are simply not seeing the revenue, to any degree, that they used to. They’re looking to find another way to reach kids knowing that doing so safely is paramount … now more than ever. But they also want to understand how their content is performing and we’re doing just that.

“Delivering tools to help a brand’s journey within the Kidoodle.TV ecosystem is an exciting next step for us.”