Nina Dobrev and Julianne Hough may have launched Fresh Vine Wine company a couple of years ago, but the two say they’re just getting started.

The company, which produces and bottles its wines in Napa, raised $22 million in an initial public earlier this month.

“It’s definitely been the goal from the beginning,” Hough told me of growing the company. “Just seeing our growth over the last couple of years and what we’ve done in the last year — even we were a little surprised — but I think about what we can do with the capital that we have with distribution and product development and everything, I think that’s the next step for us. We’re just pumped and amped to be able to just spread the mission of relationships and connections and premium freakin’ awesome tasting wine without compromising on our holistic lifestyle.”

I talked with Hough and Dobrev shortly after marking Fresh Vine Wine’s IPO by ringing the closing bell of the New York Stock Exchange on Dec. 16.

The idea for a wine company was hatched one morning while Dobrev and Hough were suffering hangovers. “We woke up and decided, ‘That’s it, we want to make something that doesn’t make you feel like this,’” Dobrev recalls. “So we created a wine with our amazing wine maker Jamey Whetstone  that has less calories, less sugar, less carbs, and is all fun. It’s straight-up fun times.”

They’re keeping their expansion plans “vague for now,” Dobrev said. “We have a reserved Cabernet that’s going to be coming out next year and plans for different varietals and beyond.”

For those looking to enjoy some vino during the holidays, Hough said, “It’s cozy, you want to be near a fire, I would say if you’re into reds, go for the Cabernet. If you want something lighter, got for the Pinot. But those two are definitely good for this time of year.”