Mockumentary short “Dwarfo-psychosis” took home two prizes at tonight’s Easterseals Disability Film Challenge Awards, with director Maria DiDomenico and producer Emily Pascal winning the best director and best film awards, respectively.

Written by and starring Steven LaChioma and Pancho Moler, “Dwarfo-psychosis” sees fraternal twins Peter and Pat celebrate turning 40 with a huge reveal. It was created as part of the Easterseals Disability Film Challenge, a week-long filmmaking contest that provides a platform for new voices in the entertainment industry. Among the panel of judges who decided upon the winners were “Crip Camp” director Jim LeBrecht, Variety‘s Marc Malkin and IMDb founder and CEO Col Needham.

The competition was first launched in 2014 by Nic Novicki as a way to open up the opportunity to tell unique stories that showcase disability in its many forms. Winners of the challenge receive invaluable access to industry professionals as a means of opening the door to a career field that is notoriously difficult to enter. Prizes also include $1,500 grants and customized career workshops from NBCUniversal, a subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud and memberships to IMDBPro and Film Independent.

“The diversity within our community is so beautiful, and the fact that we can tell our stories and then it’s leading to job opportunities, I can’t tell you how much it means,” Novicki said.”

The virtual ceremony celebrated each winning short by screening the film post-award. Comedian Michelle Buteau, “New Amsterdam” actor Matthew Jeffers, “Special” creator Ryan O’Connell, “A Quiet Place” actor Millicent Simmons and “Oklahoma!” actor Ali Stroker joined in to congratulate and reflect on the successes of the disability community this year in film.

“It’s also critical that we all continue to see disability authentically on the screen in every form and far more often,” “Sound of Metal” actor Paul Raci, who was another featured guest, said. “I’m looking forward to a day when we can look at a screen in any form of entertainment, and watch protagonists go through a journey and they just happen to have a disability. That day is coming soon because of your work, watching your films… Let’s continue to lift each other up and move inclusion forward. Keep your stories coming.”

See the full list of winners below.

Best Awareness Award presented by ViacomCBS

“Couples Therapy” – Melanie Rivera Waldman
“The Roommates” – Jennifer Msumba
“So You Wanna Be an Actor” – Rachel Handler
“Social Fitness” – Anna Pakman (Winner)

Best Editor Award presented by Adobe

“Archaic Intergalactic Extraterrestrials” – Matthew Placencia
“Breaking Cody” – Victoria Elena Nones & Nathaniël Siri
“The Home Office” (The Making of Cartoon HQ) – Dani Bowman (Winner)
“SUPERHEROES” – Grace Kelly

Best Actor Award presented by IMDbPro

“Breaking Cody” – Cody LaScala
“Dwarfo-psychosis” – Pancho Moler
“Extra Special” – Andy Arias
“Nay Nay Too Bomb” – Natalie Trevonne (Winner)

Best Director presented by WarnerMedia

“Dwarfo-psychosis” – Maria DiDomenico (Winner)
“Extra Special” – Luke Terrell
“Lights Out and Away We Go” – Veerle Ackerstaff
“Nay Nay Too Bomb” – Marie Alyse Rodriguez

Best Film presented by WarnerMedia

“Breaking Cody” – Cody LaScala
“Dwarfo-psychosis”- Emily Pascal (Winner)
“Extra Special”-Luke Terrell
“Nay Nay Too Bomb” – Marie Alyse Rodriguez