The award-winning environmental documentary: “Kiss the Ground” will be made free to educators, as well as a follow-up curriculum by the National Science Teaching Association, starting Jan. 28.

Narrated by Woody Harrelson, the Grade 6-12 version of the critically acclaimed eco-doc will include new sequences and a supplementary curriculum. Directors Josh Tickell and Rebecca Harrell Tickell will release a 45-minute educational version of the documentary that will be made free to all schools, students, teachers,and community educators via the documentary’s website.

The new scenes not originally included in the feature film are a series of person-on-street interviews with Rosario Dawson and a scene in which Tony Tenfingers, a Lakota Elder, describes the importance of the once-prevalent buffalo for Native American peoples. It is also available with subtitles in 18 languages including English closed captions, Spanish, Mandarin and Hindi.

“Rebecca and I are proud to present this new version of “Kiss the Ground” for free and make it widely available online to 114,000 U.S. schools and to over 35 million students nationally and millions more internationally,” said Josh Tickell. “One of the key messages in our film is our youth are the best-positioned leaders when it comes to implementing the practices of regeneration and climate change reversal.”

“’Kiss the Ground: For Schools’ represents a watershed moment for our country’s educational system,” said Rebecca Tickell. “This is the first time that climate change reversal through regeneration and drawdown will be taught in classrooms — both online and in person. This film and the curriculum that is forthcoming will provide powerful new tools to students everywhere.”

Additionally, a DVD version, which includes both the 45-minute education cut and the original 84-minute version, is also available free to schools at KissTheGroundMovie.com.