L.A.-based music company Score a Score has launched “Homesick Sounds” to help workers ease back into the office workspace without having to give up the commonplace sounds they became accustomed to during quarantine.

“Homesick Sounds” consists of over 50 loopable sounds available on its interactive soundboard. Users can choose between leaf blowers, old AC units rattling or even a partner yelling “I think you’re on mute” to a Zoom user.

“Following the success of Presto!, as a music company we’re always looking to help our clients in ways that they never knew they needed,” said Jordan Passman, founder and CEO of Score a Score. “We recognize Homesick Sounds as something that anyone going back to an office environment after a year-plus of working from home can truly appreciate. We want to showcase the power of sound, bring smiles to people’s faces and celebrate this exciting new transition.”

The soundboard also allows you to combine sounds to truly create that work-from-home sound environment. And with each sound environment, the mix can be any combination of dogs chasing cats, kids fighting while a coffee machine brews in the background, and a garbage truck sitting outside.

Prior to this whimsical move into pure ambience, Score a Score  won six Cannes Lions and received a Guild of Music Supervisors Award nomination for its work on the Amazon series “Free Meek.”

The company has also worked on trailer campaigns for Marvel’s “Black Widow,” Pixar’s “Soul,” DC’s “Wonder Woman 1984” and Disney’s “Cruella.”

Additionally, its work has been featured in ad campaigns for Apple, Microsoft, Etsy, Taco Bell, Subaru, Rocket Mortgage and LinkedIn.

Learn more at: https://www.scoreascore.com/homesick