Hurlbut Academy, the online learning platform developed by Lydia Hurlbut and Shane Hurlbut, will transform into the more expansive Filmmakers Academy, a new online platform for courses in cinematography, directing, lighting, post-production and other disciplines.

The platform will allow artisans and filmmakers to unlock a whole new realm of educational possibilities for creatives. Masterclasses aim to teach its members what film students don’t learn in school. The Filmmakers Academy is hoping to be the go-to resource for all things filmmaking. Their mission statement hopes “to prepare the next generation of filmmakers to be safe and efficient on set and to understand healthy habits that ensure a long and successful career. ”

Lydia Hurlbut says, “The intention was to create a global, loving film family where you can build friendships, receive practical advice through expert mentoring and have a plan for success beyond film school. Shane and I grew up in a small town, Aurora, New York where every neighbor pitched in to help one another. We built this business based on the ethics and values of our upbringing. It’s a loving, caring and sharing community of artists where we encourage their growth.” She added,  “We are surrounded by a brain trust of Hollywood-level experience with our expert mentors. This is priceless because they freely share the wisdom that took them years to learn, so our members feel confident, increase their day rates and become in-demand professionals.”

The Hurlbut has mentored thousands of cinematographers over the past decade. Members will gain access to over 800 hours of video content and 59 courses covering cinematography, directing, lighting, camera and lenses and grading.

“We have created this experience to give novice and experienced filmmakers the big-little breakthroughs that add up to deliver oversized results for their careers,” says Lydia Hurlbut.

The site will launch on Nov. 8.