While you may or may not believe in the power of stones and crystals, in the spirit of “it can’t hurt to try,” we consulted with Christa Westaway, in-house astrologist at the House of Intuition, and Angie Banicki, celebrity mystic and tarot reader, to recommend which crystals and stones would enhance our experience in the new year based on the characteristics of each zodiac sign. And who doesn’t need a little extra help as awards season comes to an end?


“Aries tend to operate with their gut. Members of this sign are often courageous trailblazers,  forging their own unique path,” says Westaway. “Occasionally they may forget to communicate with others because they are simply moving too fast.”

She recommends blue goldstone, which promotes communication and acceptance of one’s authentic truth

Banicki suggests a stone that allows Aries to “own their power” in 2020, such as sugilite.


“Sometimes Tauruses can be a bit slow to act,” says Westaway. “The Taurus relishes sensuality and pleasure and often it can be harder for them to get things accomplished.” She recommends citrine, which helps attract what you desire most and helps to boost drive and ambition.

According to Banicki, 2020 for the Taurus is opening the heart chakra. She suggests that in the process, share your journey with those around you. It will be helpful to others. She likes jade, which will aid in supporting an open heart.


“With Mercury as its ruling planet, the Gemini tends to move very fast,” says Westaway. “The sign tends to be ruled by the mind and can occasionally get lost inside of it.” She recommends Tiger eye, which will help support a positive mindset. It also supports endurance and keeps a busy mind focused.

Banicki says that in 2020, Gemini’s focus will be the solar plexus chakra. “The year is about owning your strength.” Her recommendation: yellow jasper.


“Cancers are known to retreat into their shells,” says Westaway. “They seek compassion and forgiveness. Rose quartz promotes the opening of the heart chakra, which is positive for the sign.”

Banicki notes that “this is a year of finding clarity for the Cancer. You will discover more of your personal truth in 2020. The clear crystal moldavite connects you to the cosmos and brings in meditations and lucid dreaming to help you see your own soul with clarity.”


“Leos are considered creative and are the kings and queens of the zodiac,” says Westaway. “They need to be respected. The stone recommendation is the grey Botswana stone, which calms the nervous system, brings back neutrality and promotes creativity and individual expression.”

Banicki says that in “2020, you are more open to what is coming your way than before — you are really taking in the lessons you learned last year. Apophyllite helps you connect you to your psychic senses, which are becoming more acute, especially at night.”


“Ruled by Mercury, you are an overthinker and analyzer,” Westaway says. “You are organized in your mind, always planning the next thing. You also spend a great deal of mind energy on other people at your own expense. The crocodile jasper is a nurturing stone that helps to quiet the mind.”

“In 2020, you are like an alchemist,” Banicki says. “Citrine helps you with unnecessary worry. Virgos tend to get caught inside the mind about things they can’t control. Citrine helps alleviate nonsensical worry.”


“The Libra wants things to be fair and in harmony. They enjoy pleasurable cultured activity and have the ability to see everyone’s perspectives in an argument,” says Westaway. Her recommendation is blue lace agate, which “helps you to speak your truth.”

Banickis says that in 2020, “you are removing past-life karma and even some life fears. Fluorite will support enhancing your inner beauty. Rainbow fluorite in particular will help you to release past emotional traumas to open your heart chakra.”


“Scorpios are considered to be very soulful with great depth of feeling,” Westaway says. “They are not easily scared off by what others have to say. They are a ‘super attracter’ who can sometimes draw unwanted energies towards them.” She recommends the smokey quartz to help eliminate stagnant or unwanted energy.

Banicki says the sign is stepping “into the light to help others” and suggests rubelliteto keep you connected to your passion and purpose.”


“This sign possesses a warrior exterior with a poet’s insides,” according to Westaway. “Having compassion for others, the Sagittarian often prizes philosophy and values.” The recommended stone is green aventurine, which is “calming to the heart and promotes gratitude.”

Banicki notes that lots of “new work projects will come to you in 2020 and will feel overwhelming. Calcite will help to clear negativity and keep you focused when dealing with multiple responsibilities while still being responsible for yourself.”


“Known to be powerful in their environment, they can sometimes experience low energy. The Capricorn is hard-working and tenacious but struggles to delegate to others. Lepidolite alleviates anxiety and promotes sleep and healing.:

“Topaz will bring gentle and soothing energy to Capricorns right now,” Banicki says. “Topaz is also very supportive of mind and heart clearing of chaotic energy. 2020 is time to release everything that is dulling you are distracting you.”


“Aquarians are known to have genius energy and are filled with ideas,” Westaway says. “It is important for this sign to follow these ideas. Although Aquarians may not always know the best way to organize ideas, sodalite can helps with anxiety related to feeling overwhelmed and help to balance intuition with rational thinking.”

Banicki suggests clear quartz for the air sign “to amplify whatever energy it’s near. It also helps to clear away negativity and blocks.”


“Considered the highest spiritual sign in the zodiac, Pisceans have very forgiving energy and are considered loving and pragmatic,” Westaway says. “Members of this sign can often be daydreamers who sometimes struggle to get things done. They are Intuitive and feeling. Fluorite helps with organization and creates a clear channel in the crown. It also helps to make decisions that are objective rather than emotional.”

“2020 is about purifying and detoxing for Pisces,” says Banicki. “Garnet is magnetic in support of purification and detoxification.”