If your face is your fortune or if you’d like it to be, then you need to be introduced to Lena Bratschi, the gentle and elegant founder and master aesthetician of Carasoin, a day spa in West Hollywood that is focused on bringing out a client’s natural beauty. Bratschi, who hails from Switzerland, started making “healing” tinctures using ingredients from the herb garden with her grandmother at the age of 8. She says that she “knew then this was her path.” She graduated from Cidesco, a British beauty academy established in 1946. Put simply, a degree from Cidesco is like having a Harvard MBA in beauty. She worked alongside the famed Nish Joshi, known best for being a health guru to Princess Diana and Gwyneth Paltrow. Almost 10 years ago, she opened Carasoin Day Spa.

For the A list, Lena is part of a monthly or even weekly beauty maintenance regime. Clients such as Sofia Vergara are devotees. For Bratschi, the red carpet season is part of a grander planning scheme. She cites it as the time of year that her clients are often at their worst from a skin perspective, due to drier temperatures, holiday parties, press tours, travel and more.

Unlike most aestheticians, Bratschi is a face prognosticator, able to read different facial structures and diagnose the best course of action.  A combination of manual and machine techniques are applied. Bratschi is a fan of the microcurrent machine because it “gives a spanking to every cell,” she says, adding that “faces change and there is no one prescribed regime.” She also believes in oxygen treatments, especially for red carpet preparation followed by an ultra-healing LED light therapy treatment.

She is adamant about her technique, the purity of the ingredients she uses and investing in the best skin-treatment machinery in the business.