SPOILER ALERT: Do not read if you have not yet watched the October 27 episode of “The Bachelorette.”

Red flags or red roses? The beginning of Tuesday night’s episode of “The Bachelorette” brought its fair share of both, as contestant Yosef Aborady kicked off the night by verbally attacking Bachelorette Clare Crawley before the rose ceremony.

He started the conversation as a collected critique of her behavior during last week’s group date but quickly shifted to an annihilation of her “classless” immaturity for hosting a strip dodgeball tournament. He denounced her actions and deemed her unfit to parent his own daughter. “I’m ashamed to be associated with you,” he said.

He continued to hammer what he considered as “red flags” — regularly returning to the idea that she was unfit to be a mother — before Clare interrupted and sent him home. Visibly shaken, she walked away to the tune of him yelling after her. “You’re completely classless, Clare,” he said. “Completely distasteful. I expected more from the oldest Bachelorette in history! She’s all yours, boys!”

“I’m the oldest Bachelorette — that’s 39 that’s standing here that’s single – because I didn’t settle for men like THAT,” she declared.

The men rushed to comfort Clare, but frontrunner Dale Moss’ reassurances continued to stand above the rest. Viewers also got a rare behind-the-scenes conversation with Clare and host Chris Harrison, where she continued to swoon over the interaction. The night ended with an elimination that sent home Blake Monar, Tyler Smith and Garin Flowers.

Then came three dates: two group dates and a one-on-one. But before the dates could get started, Clare was visited by former-Bachelorette DeAnna Stagliano (formerly Pappas). The two talked about their shared experiences as the lead, and Clare continued her Dale-focused sentiments. “This might be the shortest season ever,” Clare teased (a nod to rumors that Clare is replaced by Tayshia Adams).

Eight men were selected for the first group date that only consisted of a cocktail party: Jason Foster, Jay Smith, Uzoma “Eazy” Nwachukwu, Chasen Nick, Blake Moynes, Ed Waisbrot, Riley Christian and Dale. While the evenings usually consist of time split between the contestants, Dale monopolized the first hour until they were interrupted. After they were separated, Clare was heard off-camera asking a producer if they could move the rest of the night along.

The men were tense and on edge, as they sensed Dale’s relationship with Clare continued to surpass their own. Those feelings were validated when Dale received the group rose.

Clare’s relationship with Dale was drastically different than that of her next date, a spa/pool one-on-one with Zach Jackson. The two spent the day together, during which Clare repeatedly confessed that she felt uncomfortable. Things escalated further after a misunderstanding in the pool when she tried to kiss her and she felt like he pulled away. He chased after her, which triggered Clare into reevaluating some past traumatic relationships.

The two separated and planned to rejoin for dinner. However, host Harrison met Zach at dinner instead and informed him that Clare would not be joining them. He was sent home.

The last group date was hosted by comedian Margaret Cho, and the remaining nine men participated in a “Bachelorette Roast.” The performance was an opportunity for the men to rag on each other, but quickly pivoted to a Dale-focused act when he showed up as an audience member. Clare picked up on the pattern and confronted each of the men about their comments about her frontrunner during the cocktail party.

The men commiserated, each expressing their own annoyances that the conversation was “like ‘Gossip Girl’” and so focused on outside forces. “I want to get to know more about this woman, and that doesn’t come from conversations about Dale,” contestant Ben Smith said.

As Clare rotated through each contestant, the conversation became a scripted prompt. Even when the men tried to pivot, Clare redirected the conversation back to questions about their roasts.

Despite the digging, Clare was not satisfied with the conversations of the night, ending the evening by not awarding the group date rose. The change of structure furthered the men’s animosity towards Dale, but also reinforced Clare’s attachment to him.

“This process is for Clare to find a husband. If she already found it, then what are we doing? She’s obviously not giving anyone else a chance anyway. If you want Dale… how about the rest of us walk out?” Kenny Braasch said.

The episode ended on the potential of a walk-out, and a trailer for the next episode, which played at the end of this one, promised to provide answers on what happens there. For the first time, the trailer also shows Tayshia, acknowledging a switch in Bachelorette mid-season.

“The Bachelorette” airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on ABC.