SPOILER ALERT: Do not read if you have not yet watched the second episode of “The Bachelor Presents: Listen to Your Heart.”

Week 1 of “The Bachelor Presents: Listen to Your Heart” left the mansion in good spirits and even numbers: eight men and eight women remained as they coupled off to avoid elimination. But week 2 began with warning from host Chris Harrison that that’s not how it would continue, as newcomers would be arriving to shake up the status quo.

Matt Ranaudo, who was saved the week before from Cheyenne Arnell, set the scene, describing the strongest couples: “Bri [Strauss] and Chris [Watson] are pretty much picking out the names of their kids at this point; Danny [Padilli] and Bekah [Purifoy] are really close as well, and Jamie [Gabrielle] and Trevor [Holmes] have a really good connection going on,” he said.

Jamie and Trevor were given the first date of the week, where she invited him to sing with her at Venice beach. “I can’t see anything going wrong,” she confessed to the camera.

Meanwhile, back at the mansion, “something wrong” arrived, as newcomer Natascha Bessez was introduced to the house. After meeting the rest of the cast, she admitted to knowing Trevor’s ex-girlfriend, who she said dated him for two and a half years before Trevor allegedly cheated.

After Trevor and Jamie returned to the house, Natascha quickly confronted him and urged him to tell Jamie the truth. He argued that he never physically cheated on his ex, but told Jamie about his past regardless. Despite telling him that cheating was a “deal breaker” for her, she decided to continue their relationship.

Bri and Chris — one of the only interracial couples from any of the “The Bachelor” affiliates — were given the second date of the week at Guitar Center. The two spent the night strumming instruments and spitting lyrics back and forth before they had a heart-to-heart. Bri, who was engaged a year ago, recounted her emotional breakup before she confessed that she was “falling in love” with Chris.

Sheridan Reed was given the third date of the week, inviting Julia Rae to the iHeartRadio studios to perform live on-air. While the two paired off during the first episode, Julia had also expressed feelings for fellow contestant Brandon Mills.

Brandon turned out to be a hot commodity, as Savannah McKinley invited him on the fourth date of the week, which sparked jealous tears from Mel Taevin.  Two more arrivals — Texans Mariana Jasel and Ruby Jane — also expressed their own interest in him.

The week of dates culminated to the second rose ceremony. With 11 women and eight men, three contestants were at risk of elimination.

The fight for Brandon’s attention continued, as Mel, Julia and Savannah all pulled him aside. However, during the elimination ceremony, he ultimately picked Savannah. The three additional couples who were given dates did the same: Chris saved Bri, Trevor selected Jamie, and Sheridan picked Julia. In addition, Matt gave his rose to Rudi after their reconciliation, Danny paired off with Bekah, and newcomers Ruby and Natascha were saved by Gabe Brown and Ryan Neal, respectively. Mel, Cheynne and Mariana were left for elimination.

While one of Brandon’s suitors was eliminated, he kept himself open to a love triangle after approaching Julia after the ceremony to keep his options open.

“Listen to Your Heart” airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on ABC.