CBS All Access has announced the first round of casting for the second season of anthology drama “The Twilight Zone.” Among those who will star in individual episodes are Morena Baccarin, Colman Domingo, Ethan Embry, Jenna Elfman, Tavi Gevinson, Tony Hale, Abbie Hern, Gillian Jacobs, Sophia Macy, Joel McHale, Chris Meloni, Billy Porter, Jimmi Simpson and Daniel Sunjata.

Additionally, the streamer announced that executive producer and narrator Jordan Peele has written an episode for the second season entitled “Downtime.” This episode will star Baccarin, Domingo and Hale.

The other announced episodes are “The Who of You,” written by Win Rosenfeld and starring Sunjata, Embry and Porter; “A Human Face,” written by Alex Rubens and starring Elfman, Meloni and Gevinson; “8,” written by Glen Morgan and starring McHale; “Among the Untrodden,” written by Heather Anne Campbell and starring Hern and Macy; and “Meet in the Middle,” written by Emily C. Chang and Sara Amini and starring Simpson and Jacobs.

Summaries for these episodes are still to be announced, while writing credits, casting and summaries for the other four episodes of the 10-episode season are also still to be announced.

“The Twilight Zone” is produced by CBS Television Studios in association with Peele’s Monkeypaw Productions and Kinberg’s Genre Films. Peele and Kinberg serve as executive producers along with Rosenfeld, Rubens, Morgan, Audrey Chon, Carol Serling and Rick Berg.

The original “Twilight Zone” premiered on Oct. 2, 1959 on CBS, transporting viewers to another dimension and becoming a worldwide phenomenon. Two other versions were attempted after the original came to an end in 1964 but before Peele pushed his take on psychological horror onto the small screen.

“The Twilight Zone” Season 2 will stream sometime this year.