Travel Channel and U.K.’s Channel 5 to Investigate ‘Mummy Mysteries’

Travel Channel and U.K.'s Channel 5
Blink Films

Egyptologists, archaeologists and forensic investigators will try to decipher the stories of Ancient Egyptian mummies in an upcoming series for Travel Channel and the U.K.’s Channel 5 from producer Blink Films.

Six-parter “Mummy Mysteries” for Travel Channel, which will be titled “Mummies Unwrapped” for Channel 5, follows a team of experts using cutting-edge science, historical breakthroughs and modern criminological techniques, to investigate the deaths of six Ancient Egypt royals.

Each episode concentrates on a single 3,000-year-old embalmed body. They include the disfigured remains of Tutankhamun’s mother, to the so-called ‘Screaming Mummy’ and a potential Pharaoh found amongst the bizarre exhibits of a Niagara Falls oddities museum.

Each contain clues, from virulent ancient diseases to evidence of royal torture, that open a window into the world of the Pharaohs.

The executive producers are Andra Heritage and Justine Kershaw, the series editor is Michael Douglas and the series is filmed and directed by Joseph Cunningham and Jess Reid. It was commissioned for Channel 5 by commissioning editor factual Lucy Willis.

Kershaw, creative director of Blink Films, said: “’Mummy Mysteries’ will tell the gripping, eye-opening tales of some of the most famous embalmed bodies of all time, uncovering new facts and insights into the lives of the Pharaohs in Ancient Egypt.”

Blink Films, a Tin Roof Media company, was recently commissioned to produce “Meet the Chimps,” a six-part natural history series for Disney Plus, “Unforgotten,” a three-hour social history series for BBC2, and “Dog Tales” and “Cat Tales” for PBS/NOVA.