‘Tiny Toon Adventures’ Reboot, Genndy Tartakovsky Series Ordered at HBO Max and Cartoon Network

Tiny Toons Looniversity
Courtesy of WB

A reboot of “Tiny Toon Adventures” is among a number of new series order at HBO Max and Cartoon Network, Variety has learned.

The new series is titled “Tiny Toons Loonversity.” The half-hour animated show will feature characters from the original series, which aired from 1990-1992. The show has received a two-season order, with Steven Spielberg attached to return as an executive producer. Erin Gibson will serve as showrunner and co-executive producer, while Nate Cash will also co-executive produce. Sam Register, president of Warner Bros. Animation and Cartoon Network Studios, will also executive produce along with Amblin Television co-presidents Justin Falvey and Darryl Frank

“Tiny Toons Looniversity” is produced by Amblin Television in association with Warner Bros. Animation. Clint LaVigne, vice president of television at Amblin Television, and Audrey Diehl, senior vice president of series at Warner Bros. Animation, will oversee day-to-day creative affairs of the series.

In addition, HBO Max and Cartoon Network have greenlit “Unicorn: Warriors Eternal” from Genndy Tartakovsky. Inspired by myths and lore from across the world, the show will follow a team of ancient teen heroes as they work together to protect the world from an unforeseen omen.

Throughout history, unicorns have symbolized the virtuous, appearing to ensure that goodness reigns. When the reawakening of our heroes comes too early, they find themselves in the bodies of teenagers. Damaged as a result, their memories of who they are and the history of the unicorn over the centuries have been lost, with some of their magical abilities weakened and fragmented. Not only do they have to protect the world against the prevailing darkness, they have to do it while navigating the unexpected laughs and humor that come with teen angst and emotions.

Produced by Cartoon Network Studios, “Unicorn: Warriors Eternal” is currently in production for HBO Max and Cartoon Network.

Tartakovsky is known for creating beloved animated shows like “Dexter’s Laboratory,” “Samurai Jack,” “Primal,” and “Sym-Bionic Titan.” He also directed the original “Star Wars: Clone Wars” series. In 2012, he made his feature directorial debut with Sony Pictures Animation’s “Hotel Transylvania” and continued to direct its next two sequels.

Finally, HBO Max and Cartoon Network have announced three new projects from children’s book author, illustrator, and playwright Mo Willems. Those are: animated series “Unlimited Squirrels!”; a CGI animated rock special “Naked Mole Rat Gets Dressed: The Rock Special;” and a pilot order for a live-action immersive series, “Cat the Cat’s Show the Show Show with YOU the YOU!”

These projects mark an expansion of the current  slate that Willems has under his multi-year deal with HBO Max.

Tim McKeon is attached as showrunner of “Unlimited Squirrels!” and will cowrite with Willems. Willems is also executive producer with Silverman and Jay Judah.

Willems and Mr. Warburton co-wrote the script for “Naked Mole Rat Gets Dressed: The Rock Special” with original tunes by Willems and composer Deborah Wicks La Puma. Willems will executive produce alongside Silverman and Judah, with OddBot Animation Studios serving as animation house.

Kristen McGregor is showrunner on “Cat the Cat’s Show the Show Show with YOU the YOU!” and also cowriter with Willems. Willems is executive producing alongside Silverman and Judah.

News of the new series were exclusively reported by Variety as part of a larger story on how Tom Ascheim, president of Global Kids, Young Adults and Classics at Warner Bros., is taking control of oversight of kids and family programming for HBO Max.