The Undoing” came to a shocking end on Sunday in a finale which not only had social media buzzing, but also delivered a large audience for HBO.

According to the network, the finale drew a total of 3 million viewers across all platforms, which represents a 43% increase from the penultimate episode and more than double the premiere’s tally. That also makes it the most-watched episode of any HBO shows since the “Big Little Lies” season 2 finale last year.

In terms of the linear HBO airing, viewing for the finale was up 42% from the week prior and a whopping 168% from the premiere. “The Undoing” is also the first HBO series in the network’s history to grow week-to-week over the corse of its six episodes.

“The Undoing” has also performed strongly on WarnerMedia’s streamer HBO Max, as the finale numbers were up more than 80% from last week’s debut night and were nearly five times higher than for the series debut’s first night of streaming.

“The Undoing” is a t limited series which stars Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant as Grace and Jonathan Fraser, who are living the only lives they ever wanted for themselves. Overnight a chasm opens in their existence: a violent death and a chain of terrible revelations. Left behind in the wake of a spreading and very public disaster and horrified by the ways in which she has failed to heed her own advice, Grace must dismantle one life and create another for her child and her family. Noah Jupe co-stars as the duo’s son, while Donald Sutherland plays Grace’s wealthy father.