The Last Dance” isn’t over yet.

The hit Michael Jordan docuseries will re-air episodes each week on ABC starting this Saturday. Just like its original run on ESPN, the series will air two weekly episodes.

Here’s the schedule:

Saturday, May 23 – Episodes 1 and 2
Saturday, May 30 – Episodes 3 and 4
Saturday, June 6 – Episodes 5 and 6
Saturday, June 13 – Episodes 7 and 8
Saturday, June 20 – Episodes 9 and 10

A censored version of “The Last Dance” aired on ESPN2, while an uncensored one ran on ESPN. ABC will receive the clean cut of the show.

“The Last Dance” chronicled the outstanding basketball career of Jordan and his six NBA championships with the Chicago Bulls. After the final two episodes aired on Sunday, the show became the most-watched documentary on ESPN ever.

All 10 episodes drew an average of 5.6 million viewers. Episode 9 had about 5.9 million people watching, and episode 10 was down slightly with 5.4 million in its audience. The premiere was the series’ highest viewed episode with 6.3 million viewers, followed by episode 3 with 6.1 million people.

ESPN co-produced the series with Netflix, and the streamer will add it to its content library in July.

Using never-before-seen footage and modern-day interviews, “The Last Dance” gave an unparalleled glimpse into Jordan’s rise to superstardom. Variety breaks down several of the best moments here.