All hail the Queen… and “The Queen’s Gambit.” Netflix’s royalty obsession (both actual and chess-related) continues to pay off, as the return of “The Crown” for Season 4 made it on to Nielsen’s Top 10 SVOD programs chart for the week of Nov. 9 to Nov. 15.

“The Crown’s” new season dropped on Nov. 15, the very last day of this ranker, which means the first-day binge was huge enough to push the show all the way to No. 5, with 807 million minutes watched on that initial day alone.

But at the top of the chart for another week is Netflix’s “The Queen’s Gambit,” which remained tops even with just seven episodes.

Also holding strong is Disney Plus’ “The Mandalorian,” still at No. 3 for a third week in a row, with 873 million minutes viewed.

“The Great British Baking Show” continues to gain fans, as its three-week total minutes tally has gone from 530 million to 608 million to this week’s 669 million.

“The Office,” meanwhile, remains Netflix’s most-watched acquired series, as the unstoppable Michael Scott and company remain firmly in second place, with nearly 1.1 billion minutes viewed of its 192 episodes.

Nielsen’s ranking is based on the amount of minutes consumers who have access to platforms are streaming during the week. It should also be noted that streamers like Netflix and Amazon do not release their own detailed streaming numbers and these are based on Nielsen estimates. Nielsen factors in Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu and Disney Plus into its top 10 streaming measurements.

Here’s this week’s top 10 in full:

“The Queen’s Gambit” (Netflix) (7 episodes) – 1,373 minutes (millions)

“The Office” (Netflix) (192 episodes) – 1,089 minutes (millions)

“The Mandalorian” (Disney Plus) (11 episodes) – 873 minutes (millions)

“Schitt’s Creek” (Netflix) (80 episodes) – 855 minutes (millions)

“The Crown” (Netflix) (40 episodes) – 807 minutes (millions)

“Grey’s Anatomy” (Netflix) (363 episodes) – 688 minutes (millions)

“Great British Baking Show” (Netflix) (64 episodes) – 669 minutes (millions)

“NCIS” (Netflix) (353 episodes) – 603 minutes (millions)

“Criminal Minds” (Netflix) (277 episodes) – 591 minutes (millions)

“The Blacklist” (Netflix) (152 episodes) – 381 minutes (millions)