SPOILER ALERT: Do not read if you have not yet watched the sixth episode of “The Bachelor” Season 24.

The ten remaining women headed to Santiago!

The sixth episode of Peter Weber’s season of “The Bachelor” opened with the women gathered for lunch before he invited Hannah Ann Sluss for the first one-on-one in Chile. The two spent the day exploring the city and meeting locals before they headed to the night portion of their date.

“I’m questioning if we do have that deep enough connection,” Weber confessed. “I don’t want that.”

Sluss shared that she had never been in love, despite being in a three-and-a-half-year relationship. Hesitant, Weber left to collect himself before Sluss followed him to explain. In the end, he rewarded her boldness with a rose, keeping her around for another week.

Meanwhile, at the mansion, two date cards were delivered: the first was a group date with Sydney Hightower, Natasha Parker, Madison Prewett, Mykenna Dorn, Kelsey Weier, Tammy Ly, Victoria Paul and Kelley Flanagan; the second was a one-on-one with Victoria Fuller. Fuller, who received her first individual date during their stop in Sandusky, Ohio, was the first contestant to receive a second one-on-one (while Parker and Dorn still had not had their first).

The group date was hosted on the set of a telenovela, where the eight women took turns acting with Weber in different scenes of a fictional soap opera. While the drama was scripted during the day, the nighttime drama was unplanned when Weber abruptly asked Paul to leave the season.

“I think my biggest concern is that make you’re more secure and confident in us than I am,” he told her. “I have to be totally honest with you — I don’t know if I see you as my wife. I’m so sorry.”

Even after Paul left, tension continued between the women. Ly continued to attack Dorn from the previous episode, calling her out for her dramatic tactics. Weber appreciated Prewett, who stayed out of the confrontation, and gave her the group date rose.

The next day, Fuller and Weber spent the day at a ranch and talking through their relationship. But that night, she shared some hesitations. “Maybe I’m not cut out for this and you’d be happier with someone who could be more open with you,” she said.

She stormed off from their date, forcing Weber into a frenzy. Cameras cut between their separate conversations with producers, while they simultaneously discussed their uncertainties. In a rare moment of breaking the fourth wall, viewers saw both Weber and Fuller interact with their individual producers before she returned to their dinner.

“She doesn’t want this. I’m trying my absolute best,” Weber said. “What else do I do?”

Weber tried to reassure Fuller again before she eventually accepted his date rose.

Traditionally, the week ends after each woman has been on a date. However, here, a surprise date card arrived at the hotel for the season’s first two-on-one date. “Meet me at the cocktail party before everyone arrives. Enough is enough,” it said.

Ly and Dorn received this card. Historically, a two-on-one results in one of the two (if not both) women going home. This time, Weber dismissed Ly during the date and brought Dorn to the rose ceremony — only to dismiss her there. But he also sent Hightower home.

Now only six women remain as they head to Lima, Peru for their next destination in Weber’s search for love.

“The Bachelor” airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on ABC.