SPOILER ALERT: Do not read if you have not yet watched Episode 2 of “The Bachelor” Season 24.

It’s Week 2 of Peter Weber’s season of “The Bachelor” and time for the conclusion of the Hannah Brown cliffhanger from the three-hour premiere episode.

Last week, fans left Brown and Weber curled up on a couch, emotionally processing their feelings since the season wrapped. It ultimately ended with a “To Be Continued…” but not before Weber asked Brown to come move into the mansion and join his remaining 22 contestants.

“What I just asked about coming back to the house…how crazy that sounds. I can’t help what I feel, I just do,” he confessed. “It sucks hearing that you thought I just wanted to be the Bachelor. You’re the one who said no to me. I never said no to you.”

She asked for a hug, climbed on his lap, and the two stayed close for a while before he broke it up to return to the rest of the women.

“I guess it’s OK to feel this way,” he said.

Both emotional, they said their goodbyes, but Weber insisted he’s moving forward, even if he might not fully move on.

“I’m trying to figure out what the hell my heart wants. I’m really scared that I’m where I need to be right now for this. I don’t know if I need to feel that love with someone else to fully move on; I don’t know if I have to fully move on to feel that love with someone else,” he said.

Meanwhile, the women on the group date questioned Weber’s intentions, since they could see he clearly still had feelings for Brown. Weber, visibly shaken by their exchange, gathered the women to cancel the date.

“This is tough because…what I had for her was very real. … That’s not just gone away,” he admitted.

Natasha fired back: “I mean, she hasn’t gone away. She’s been here the first day. … Every day I’ve seen you, I’ve seen her pretty much. Which also sucks for us.”

The group then regathered for the night portion of the date, which turned into a revolving door of reassurances that Weber was over his ex and ready to move forward. He had exchanges with multiple women, including a memorable one with Mykenna, with whom he (poorly) danced, and Sydney, who received the group date rose.

The second pre-rose ceremony cocktail party followed, on the next day. Kelsey, a professional clothier (whatever that is), shared that she has been saving a bottle of champagne for a year and brought it from Iowa to share with Weber. Mid-conversation about how excited she is to share it, she heard the sound of a bottle uncorking, only to find Hannah Ann and Weber pouring her bottle.

Of course, this led to big-deal drama: Kelsey called Hannah Ann a snake, along with several other colorful adjectives, before bursting into tears. Weber tried to console her after she locked herself into the bathroom.

Needless to say, tensions were high as the rose ceremony started. Ultimately, Lauren, Payton and Courtney’s journey to find love (at least on this show) ended here. The rest of the house was on edge and choosing sides between Hannah Ann and Kelsey.

“I didn’t know it was going to get this catty this quickly,” Tammy said.

But then the show cut to a jarring 20-minute commercial for Revolve clothing disguised as a group date. Featuring special guests Carson Kressley, Janice Dickinson and Revolve’s chief brand officer Raissa Gerona, the women had to compete in a fashion show to win thousands of dollars in clothing.

The competition came down to Hannah Ann (who came out in a wedding dress while nearly everyone else was in jean shorts) and Victoria (who came out in lingerie as opposed to everyone’s cocktail dresses). Hannah Ann won the clothes, but Victoria ended up winning the group date rose.

The episode wrapped on another note of high tension after Hannah Ann confided in Weber that she felt bullied by Kelsey after the champagne incident. He quickly jumped to Hannah Ann’s defense and ended up pushing Kelsey to tears as she defended her recorded actions from the previous night.

And on that note, it is once again a cliffhanger to end the episode, as the question of whether Kelsey will stay or go lingers until Episode 3.

“The Bachelor” airs on Mondays at 8pm on ABC.