MADRID — Telefónica, Spain’s largest telecommunications company, has announced a series of immediate and free-to-the-public initiatives in response to the country’s ongoing struggles with the Covid-19 breakout.

In a surprisingly personal press release sent Tuesday, company chairman/CEO José María Álvarez-Pallete outlined the company’s plans to aid in that struggle.

“Throughout our almost century-old history, Telefónica has experienced crisis situations at different times and in different countries. We know that in times of crisis, communication networks and tools are more crucial than ever. Communication is essential to moving forward,” he prefaced the announcement.

Telefónica will, at no additional cost, increase all quadplay Fusion and Movistar mobile plans by an additional 30GB per month for the next two months.

The company is also modifying their entertainment offers to TV customers by reinforcing current packages with extra content, specifically in the areas of children’s programming and sporting events.

It is also offering a one free month of this content to pre-existing and non-customers through its Movistar Plus Lite app. Current Fusion customers will be granted free access to the Movistar Junior app, which provides extra content for children.

Additionally, the Telefónica Foundation, the company’s non-profit philanthropic arm, is looking to bolster its educational content through its online learning platforms used by teachers, parents and students, including Scolartic, a social media platform dedicated to learning, innovation and education providing free courses, presentations and workshops for teachers and education students; and Plataforma Conecta Empleo which offers online training courses focused on digital subjects such as Java, web analytics and game design.

One of the largest operators in Latin America as well, Telefónica has committed to similar steps in other territories if and when they are similarly affected by the spread of the disease.

Previously, Telefónica had cancelled all non-essential work-related travel for employees, offered flexible schedules and the opportunity for employees to telecommute when possible, cut back on the number of face-to-face meetings and increased hygiene practices throughout the company.

“It has been rightly said that the mission of a company cannot be merely an empty phrase but should be its rationale for existence; what it practices on a daily basis to generate value for its stakeholders and customers,” Álvarez-Pallete said before quoting the company’s mission statement “To make our world more human, connecting people’s lives.”

“In the context we are living in as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak, our purpose takes on more meaning than ever before. That is why I would like to express to all Telefónica’s human teams my gratitude for their effort and commitment at this time,” he added before offering well wishes to those suffering form the outbreak, and gratitude to those working tirelessly in response to it.