It’s been more than 20 years since “Sister, Sister” ended its run. But now, the 1990s sitcom has found new life on Netflix — and according to the latest Nielsen streaming ranker, audiences are responding.

All six seasons of “Sister, Sister” (which amounts to 119 episodes) is now available on Netflix, and the show managed to make it into the Nielsen top 10, for the week of Sept. 7 to Sept. 13.

“Sister, Sister” starred identical twins Tia and Tamera Mowry as Tia Landry and Tamera Campbell — twins separated at birth and raised in different households, and reunited as teens when they accidentally find each other. The show, which premiered in 1994, ran for two seasons on ABC before being canceled — and immediately picked up by The WB, which aired it for another four years. “Sister, Sister” ended its run in 1999. Jackée Harry, Tim Reid, Marques Houston, RonReaco Lee and Deon Richmond also starred.

“Sister, Sister” is one of several 1990s and early 2000s sitcoms with predominantly African American casts that have recently been acquired by Netflix, including “Moesha,” “The Parkers,” “Girlfriends,” “The Game,” “One on One” and “Half & Half.”

Meanwhile, Netflix’s “Cobra Kai” — the “Karate Kid” revisit that the streamer acquired after its initial run on YouTube — remained the most-viewed program in streaming for the third week in a row.

Nielsen’s ranking is based on the amount of minutes consumers who have access to platforms are streaming during the week. This weeks marks just the third time Nielsen has released such rankings. It should also be noted that streamers like Netflix and Amazon do not release their own internal streaming numbers and these are based on Nielsen estimates.

Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu and Disney Plus are included in Nielsen’s top 10 streaming measurements.

Here is this week’s top 10:

“Cobra Kai” (Netflix) (20 episodes) – 1,655 minutes (millions)

“Away” (Netflix) (10 episodes) – 1,366 minutes (millions)

“Lucifer” (Netflix) (75 episodes) – 1,120 minutes (millions)

“The Boys” (Amazon Prime Video) (12 episodes) – 1,060 minutes (millions)

“The Office” (Netflix) (192 episodes) – 947 minutes (millions)

“Criminal Minds” (Netflix) (277 episodes) – 783 minutes (millions)

“Grey’s Anatomy” (Netflix) (361 episodes) – 705 minutes (millions)

“NCIS” (Netflix) (353 episodes) – 587 minutes (millions)

“Shameless” (Netflix) (121 episodes) – 556 minutes (millions)

“Sister, Sister” (Netflix) (119 episodes) – 432 minutes (millions)