Saturday Night Live” plans to air a third episode produced remotely this weekend, which will serve as the finale of a shorter-than-expected season.

“SNL” typically runs live in front of an in-studio audience whose reactions lend the program much of its energy and ambiance – and add an element of “anything could happen” to its proceedings. But the advent of the coronavirus pandemic has made producing a typical program impossible. Producers at the venerable late-night series, supervised by Lorne Michaels, have created a series of “at home” episodes, featuring taped sketches cobbled together by cast members sheltering at home and other production staff.

No information about a possible host or musical guest for this week’s broadcast was immediately available. “SNL” has surprised audiences with celebrity cameos, including an appearance by Brad Pitt as Dr. Anthony Facui that captured immediate attention. Larry David, Paul Rudd and Tom Hanks are among those who have participated in the recent remote shows.