Facebook Watch is set to launch the first-ever interactive AI reality series, titled “Rival Peak,” on Dec. 2.

Hailing from dj2 Entertainment, Pipeworks Studios, and Genvid Technologies, the series places twelve AI contestants in the Pacific Northwest where they must survive elimination and solve the mystery that brought them together. Viewers can observe, help, or hinder one or more AI contestants via the 24/7 character-dedicated, interactive livestreams throughout the show’s initial 12-week season. Viewers’ voting will eliminate one contestant from the competition, but not the story, each week.

The characters represent a diverse array of cultural backgrounds, with each one voiced by an actor of the same background. They will interact in character with Wil Wheaton as part of the weekly live-action companion series “Rival Speak.” The show will feature key moments from the previous week, interviews, and clues to the Season 1 mystery.

“In under six months we went from generating a concept to shooting our first promos,” said dj2 Entertainment chief creative officer Stephan Bugaj. “It’s been the privilege of dj2 and the talented writing team we assembled to deliver enough content, not to fill every minute of the feed – that’d be unrealistic – but to keep the audience invested in each character’s story and in the overall meta-narrative regarding the mystery that brought them into this strange situation.”

Pipeworks and Genvid came together on the project to create the first-ever audience-influenced, persistent, global entertainment program. dj2 Entertainment came onboard to create the first-season’s storyline, the personas of the twelve diverse AI “contestants” along with their respective narratives, as well as to conceive and produce the weekly companion show.

This marks the latest announced project for dj2. The company had their first theatrical release in 2020, the highly-successful “Sonic the Hedgehog” movie. Currently under a first-look deal with Legendary Television, the company is also developing a number of TV shows based on video game properties, including “Disco Elysium” and “Life Is Strange.” The company is also producing a live-action theatrical adaptation of the game “Sleeping Dogs” with Donnie Yen, while a Sonic sequel has been announced.

Pipeworks focuses on things like cloud gaming, Radical AI, and interactive streaming. In addition to creating original IP games they are working with other game franchises and outside partners.

Genvid is working on advancing interactive streaming technology. The Genvid SDK is middleware capable of running on any streaming platform and infrastructure. The company was founded in 2016 by game industry veterans as is backed by Horizons Ventures, Makers Fund, March Capital Partners, and OCA Ventures, as well as strategic investments from Huya, NTT Docomo Ventures, and Samsung Ventures.