Ratched” racked up the views in its first week on Netflix.

Ryan Murphy’s “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” prequel series injected itself at the top of Nielsen’s latest streaming ranker for the week Sept. 14 (“Ratched” premiered on the 18th). The show dethroned “Cobra Kai,” which had been the most-viewed program in streaming for three weeks running, and also topped viewership machine “The Office” to claim the number 1 spot.

The solid “Ratched” returns will be good news for Netflix, given the series’ mixed critical reception and the hefty two-season order it received back in 2017. “Ratched” stars Sarah Paulson as the titular asylum nurse, whose stylish exterior belies a growing darkness.

Beyond the aforementioned new arrival at the top, the latest Nielsen ranker looks almost identical to last time around. The only other change being 1990s sitcom “Sister, Sister” dropping out of the top 10 after making its first appearance the previous week.

Nielsen’s ranking is based on the amount of minutes consumers who have access to platforms are streaming during the week.  It should also be noted that streamers like Netflix and Amazon do not release their own internal streaming numbers and these are based on Nielsen estimates.

So far, Nielsen is factoring in Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu and Disney Plus into its top 10 streaming measurements.

Here is this week’s top 10:

“Ratched” (Netflix) (8 episodes) – 972 minutes (millions)

“Cobra Kai” (Netflix) (20 episodes) – 964 minutes (millions)

“The Office” (Netflix) (192 episodes) – 902 minutes (millions)

“Lucifer” (Netflix) (75 episodes) – 869 minutes (millions)

“The Boys” (Amazon Prime Video) (13 episodes) – 743 minutes (millions)

“Away” (Netflix) (10 episodes) – 729 minutes (millions)

“Grey’s Anatomy” (Netflix) (361 episodes) – 685 minutes (millions)

“Criminal Minds” (Netflix) (277 episodes) – 625 minutes (millions)

“NCIS” (Netflix) (353 episodes) – 553 minutes (millions)

“Shameless” (Netflix) (121 episodes) – 534 minutes (millions)