Quibi is betting that a very traditional form of short video will boost its efforts to get consumers interested in a non-traditional version it hopes to sell.

The mobile-entertainment hub, which is slated to launch April 6, will run a 30-second ad in the Super Bowl touting the benefits of its new subscription service, which intends to offer news, entertainment and more in digestible chunks of video that are under ten minutes in length. The company, which has forged content alliance with many major studios, CBS News’ “60 Minutes” and NBC News, was founded by Jeffrey Katzenberg. Meg Whitman is the chief executive.

In the spot, designed by the Los Angeles office of the BBH agency, a bank robbery goes awry when a crew of robbers have only minutes to escape – but one of their numbers uses that time to check out something on Quibi.  The commercial is slated to run just after kickoff in this Sunday’s broadcast of Super Bowl LIV on Fox.

“I’ll be there in a Quibi,” says one distracted burglar. “A Quibi – less than ten minutes.”

The media industry has come to know Quibi well, but for the average consumer, the Super Bowl appearance may be the first encounter they have with the nascent service.