President Donald Trump has done two interviews for “60 Minutes” with its veteran correspondent Lesley Stahl. The third, as it turns out, could be the last.

Trump cut short an interview with Stahl Tuesday at the White House that was being taped for presentation on the CBS News program this Sunday, according to a person familiar with the matter, confirming reports posted earlier on Twitter. The president subsequently posted a clip of Stahl at the White House today, noting that she was not wearing a mask, and then, in a second tweet, suggested he might make available a tape of his exchange with Stahl before “60 Minutes” airs this weekend.

The person familiar with the situation noted that the image tweeted by Trump was taken immediately after the interview with the CBS team, all of whom had been tested for coronavirus. Stahl was wearing a mask leading into her interview with the president, this person said. The White House had  previously agreed its tape the interview would be used for archival purposes only. A representative for “60 Minutes” declined to make producers available for immediate comment.

Stahl, who recovered from an infection of coronavirus earlier this year, interviewed Trump right after he won election to the Oval Office, and again during his presidency – both for “60 Minutes.” The CBS newsmagazine has already announced its plans to present interviews with both candidates in the 2020 race for the White House, as well as the candidates for Vice President – something it usually does in each presidential election cycle.

Trump had been slated to take part in a segment with Vice-President Mike Pence, but did not do so, according to the person familiar with the matter.

The president has in recent days been verbally assailing many journalists via social media — particularly those who are involved with interviewing him for events related to the election. Trump has made derogatory remarks about NBC News Kirsten Welker, who is expected to moderate a second presidential debate later this week between Trump and challenger Joe Biden. His campaign impugned NBC News’ Savannah Guthrie last week after she moderated a town hall event with him in Miami.

Later in the day, at a rally in Erie, Penn., Trump again attacked the newsmagazine show. “Oh, and you have to watch, you have to watch what we do to 60 Minutes. You’ll get such a kick out of it. You’re gonna get a kick out of it. Lesley Stahl’s not gonna be happy.”