Netflix’s “On My Block” is back … and it’s sexier than ever.

Well, “sexy” is just one of the ways the cast of the coming-of-age show describe the upcoming third season.

“We talk a lot about love and romance,” Brett Gray, who plays Jamal Turner, explained as the cast sat down with Variety to preview the show. “It also feels like our show has grown up, ‘On My Block’ as a series, has found its rhythm.”

After the second season of the series, about a group of teens growing up in South Central Los Angeles, ended with Jamal, Ruby (Jason Genao), Monse (Sierra Capri) and Cesar (Diego Tinoco) being kidnapped, both the fans and the cast were left wondering what could possibly come next. And when the new season begins streaming on March 11, they will finally get some answers.

“Season 1 had its very own theme and Season 2 had its very own theme, so I feel like Season 3 is now a combination of the two,” Genao teased. “Like the comedy that you were hit with in Season 1 and the drama that entailed in Season 2, so now Season 3 –”

“It’ll make you laugh and it’ll break your heart,” Tinoco jumped in.

“It’s all in,” Genao added. “It’s like that whole ‘dramedy’ thing that’s happening.”

Putting the “drama” in “dramedy,” the third season begins as the group of friends are enlisted in a new mystery, tasked with finding a mysterious figure by the gang leader who kidnapped them. It’s a plot twist that is somewhat typical for the series, set in the fictional neighborhood of Freeridge, as the group experience all the ups and downs of high school — finding themselves in the middle of love triangles and some serious family drama — while also combating some of the realities of life in the inner city, including the prevalence of gang violence.

“When are we ever just going to get to be teenagers?” Gray’s character laments in the Season 3 trailer.

“This season feels like a different level of loss of innocence,” Jessica Marie Garcia (who plays the crew’s newest friend, Jasmine) agreed. “I think that you’ve seen us all as a unit, and now you’re going to see some more growth individually as well.”

“And every single one of our characters, it feels like they’re really settling into themselves and tackling some pretty deep obstacles in their own storylines,” Tinoco said.

And, of course, bringing some levity to the season is Garcia’s Jasmine, whose wild antics have made her a fan favorite.

“I love that they give me free reign,” Garcia said. “There’s so many times when they’re like ‘Just put a camera on her and let her go,’ so my freedom to like dance or be crazy or the fact that Jasmine’s never too much. Like I get to go from one to 100, really quick and never doubt whether I can go there and be okay.”