Nick Cannon has announced that he will be “taking time away” from his Los Angeles-based radio show, after apologizing for anti-Semitic comments he made on a podcast.

Cannon has been host of the morning show on Meruelo Media’s KPWR-FM “Power 106” since June 2019. “Nick Cannon Mornings” also entered national syndication in January via Skyview Networks, which distributes it as an afternoon show across the country. Cannon also hosts a weekly countdown show for Skyview.

“Nick Cannon has begun a period of self-reflection to address the pain he caused, and while we recognize his apology, this time is needed to establish an action plan towards real change and advocacy,” Skyview Networks said in a statement. “During this period, production of the Nick Cannon Radio show will pause. Skyview Networks values all communities and faiths and we expect all programs and personalities we syndicate to adhere to these principles.”

Cannon also produces “Nick Cannon Mornings.” Besides Cannon, the show’s team includes Teddy Mora, Melissa Rios and DJ Carisma. He took over the Power 106 morning show after J Cruz’s “The Cruz Show” was lured away by crosstown rival KRRL (“Real 92.3”). Cannon’s radio resume also includes a stint between 2010-2012 on New York’s WNOW (“92.3 Now FM”).

In a series of tweets on Thursday morning, Cannon explained he made the decision in order to “commit (himself) to deeper, more thorough reflection and education.” Cannon said in an apology, posted Wednesday, that he is speaking with “Rabbis, community leaders and institutions” within the Jewish community.

“I will use this time to establish an action plan towards real, impactful change and advocacy aimed at bringing people together,” added Cannon via Twitter. “I continue to express my gratitude to the Rabbis, community leaders and institutions who have reached out to me to help enlighten me. Their input and friendship will help me as I further commit myself to more profound learning and towards strengthening the bond between the Black and Jewish cultures every day going forward.”

The companies who work with Cannon have had differing responses to his comments. ViacomCBS, with which Cannon has had a long-term relationship, put a halt to working with the star, including dumping him from his long-running sketch comedy series “Nick Cannon’s Wild ‘n Out.” Whereas Fox decided to keep Cannon as the host of “The Masked Singer,” with a spokesperson for the company saying that “this moment calls for dialogue.”

The Cannon controversy stems from a June 30 episode of his podcast “Cannon’s Class,” which featured former Public Enemy member Professor Griff. At one point in the episode, Cannon said Black people are the “true Hebrews” and talked about anti-Semitic conspiracy theories involving the Rothschild family.