Celebrities including Billy Crystal, Samuel L. Jackson, and Wayne Knight took part in newly-released voting PSAs this week, each with notable support for the Democratic party.

Actor Wayne Knight, who played Newman in “Seinfeld,” revived the character for an advertisement uploaded by PACRONYM. Discussing the changes in the U.S. Postal Service, including shortened work hours and decommissioned sorting machines, Knight’s character noted that attacks on the mailing affect more than just election ballots.

“When the mail stops, the world stops,” he says in the video. “If you want to vote early and in person, do it. If you want to vote from home, apply for your ballot and get it in as soon as possible.”

Actor and comedian Billy Crystal featured in an ad by the Jewish Democratic Council of America alongside Bill Kristol, a conservative commentator.

Though both men share similar names, they discussed how many of their views and Jewish practices are somewhat different. But one other thing they have in common is that both men will be voting for former Vice President Joe Biden in the upcoming election.

As the two converse, a news ticker across the bottom of the video lists various complaints lodged during current President Donald Trump’s administration, including “anti-semitic incidents reached an all-time high (in 2019)” and “Medicare may be cut.” The clip ends with the simple message spoken by both men: “Vote Biden.”

And Joe Biden’s own campaign uploaded a video about voter suppression against Black people, with Samuel L. Jackson narrating its long history in America.

Interspersed between the commentary are images related to poll taxes, literacy tests, use of force and closed polling stations.

“New day, same old dirty tricks,” Jackson says in the ad. “If your vote didn’t matter, they wouldn’t try so hard to take it from you. Vote early, vote like your life depends on it.”