The challenge for shows to stand out in the global market has been thrown into stark relief by research that shows that more than 10,600 new series launched in key TV territories last year, including 4,600 fiction series.

The NOTA (New on the Air) report from TV research firm Glance detects new programs from more than 50 key territories. Glance picked out two key demand drivers in the scripted market: fiction based on real events, such as news items and historical stories, and also supernatural fiction formats.

Recent dramas based on real events include Dutch series “Stanley H,” about an infamous criminal in the Netherlands, and U.K. drama “White House Farm,” an ITV series that focuses on the murders of five family members in 1985. Fantasy and horror series include BBC miniseries “Dracula,” and TVN’s “Hotel del Luna” in South Korea.

The report also found that catch-up and preview viewing for television programs are now significantly adding to ratings around the world.

In 2019, out of the average of three hours and 40 minutes daily TV viewing time in five countries combined – France, Italy, Spain, U.K., and the U.S. – 10% was catch-up.

The appeal of catch up, said Glance, is spreading to different age groups and is no longer just popular with young people.

Previewing a program on a broadcaster’s streaming service before it airs on scheduled TV also boosts audiences, said Glance. “In the United Kingdom for example, where preview is offered, it can bring an additional 37% audience share to a program.”

Frédéric Vaulpré, vice-president of Glance, commented: “The profusion of content presents a real challenge for the market: How to capture and then retain an increasingly sought-after audience, and how to adapt to the new consumption habits of TV viewers. Making content available during an extended time period via live broadcasts, catch-up and, more recently, preview appears to be essential for the television offer going forward into the future.”

Glance also said that “emotainment” – content that generates positive emotions – represents a strong trend to unite the whole family around television.

It cited Finnish series “Song of My Life,” on YLE TV1, a musical look back over events in the personal and professional lives of famous guests, which boosted the primetime audience share for that country’s leading channel by more than 50% among its target audience of 25-44 year olds.

Glance also said 2019 year was particularly strong for original gameshows, with twice the number compared with 2017.