Netflix viewers rejoice!

The streaming service has announced it is now allowing subscribers to turn off the autoplay function for previews; the bane of so many existences which makes clips pop up instantly on the homepage and while scrolling over a show or movie.

Netflix has provided the option to disable autoplay of the next episode in a series since 2014, but this new setting will give viewers the chance to browse the homepage in peace, without interruptions from a bevy of content vying for their attention.

Netflix shared the news via its U.S. Twitter account, admitting that “some people find (the feature) helpful. Others not so much.”

“We’ve heard the feedback loud and clear — members can now control whether or not they see autoplay previews on Netflix,” the streamer added.

If you’re in the “not so much” camp, you can now go to “Manage Profiles” in the Netflix menu, select the profile you’d like to update, and then uncheck the option which says, “Autoplay next episode in a series on all devices.”

Netflix offers a handy-dandy guide for how to do in the in Tweet below, responding to the umpteenth Netflix subscriber to complain about autoplay.

“My entire kingdom for a way to turn off the autoplay while browsing Netflix,” the user tweeted.

The news comes only a couple months after Netflix began testing a new “Watch Now” feature, as Variety exclusively reported. The feature, tested globally for its TV apps, offers users the option to skip browsing titles, and instead start streaming right away.

“Watch Now” has been added as a button to the profile selection page that pops up whenever users launch the Netflix app on a smart TV or streaming device. Anyone who doesn’t have a profile, or already started to browse titles, can also find the same button in the app’s sidebar.