Megan Amram, a producer and co-writer on “The Good Place,” returned to social media on Tuesday after offensive tweets from several years ago resurfaced in June.

In a message posted to her Twitter and Instagram accounts, Amram said she took the last four months off for self-reflection.

“I took the last few months off to really reflect and further educate myself on concrete steps I could take, while also reading and internalizing as many comments as I could,” she wrote.

In June, several Twitter users found tweets from Amram in the early 2010s that made jokes about Asian Americans, Jewish people and people with disabilities. She apologized in June, writing, “I am deeply embarrassed and more apologetic than you can ever know…I wish I could take them back, not to ‘get out of trouble,’ but because it is weighing heavily on my heart. But I can’t. So instead, I have spent the last decade attempting to unlearn the complicit racism I participate in as a white person and becoming the vocally supportive ally I think I am now.”

In her new statement, Amram said she is going to use her social media platform to spread awareness on organizations helping underrepresented communities.

“As I slowly return to Twitter, my focus is to use this platform to bring awareness and support to those doing all types of amazing work on race, LGBTQ and disability issues. I’ve financially committed myself to a number of foundations and charities that I look forward to amplifying on this platform,” she wrote.

She added, “I’m looking forward to sharing my own efforts within the entertainment industry to invoke change, as things further cement in the coming weeks. Thank you for reading this far! I have always wanted to help people. I have never wanted to hurt people. And I hope I can use my platform to tip the scales toward net positivity.”

In addition to “The Good Place,” Amram has written for “Silicon Valley” and “Parks and Recreation” and created the comedy web series “An Emmy for Megan.”