Malcolm Jenkins, the two-time Super Bowl champion and current New Orleans Saints star, is set to produce a documentary series about the history of Black wealth in America.

Titled “Little Africa,” the series aims to draw a correlation between the dispossession of land and the existing wealth and political gaps in the United States. It is being produced by Jenkins’ production company Listen Up Media, in collaboration with the Weatherhead Initiative on Global History at Harvard University.

Jenkins has tapped documentarian Zatella Beatty to direct the series. Beatty made her directorial debut in 2014 with “Iverson,” about the life of NBA legend Allen Iverson, and is also currently working on another docuseries which explores the history, impact and future of women in law enforcement.

“It is becoming more and more difficult to discuss the racial disparities that exist all around us, between mixed media messages and social media. The further removed we are from our stained past of slavery and Jim Crow, the more many Americans like to believe that we are in a post racial era of equality. The truth is, we are very much still tangled in the web of our past sins. I believe that one of the reasons we struggle to talk about race from an empathetic posture is because we all have varying versions of history,” said Jenkins.

“I am taking a journey to learn how the events following emancipation have shaped the landscape of today’s current context. The racial disparities in wealth and politics didn’t appear from thin air, they were methodically, and at times violently, forced onto our society. This Harvard fellowship has allowed me the freedom to study and engage in a meaningful way that I can share with others.  My goal is to draw inspiration from various former ‘little africa’s’ ability to create self-sustaining communities in this docu-series,” he continued.

Sources say that Jenkins and Listen Up Media are currently in talks about how and on what platform the series will be distributed.

Jenkins is represented by ICM Partners.