Netflix’s viral hit “Love Is Blind” ended in a fairy tale wedding for only two of the couples it followed, but turned into a waking nightmare for the other three. Their stories, however, didn’t end there. A reunion special brought together every member of the “social experiment” who went looking for love in the pods. Here are the five biggest takeaways from the “Love Is Blind” reunion.

They had to keep their relationship status a secret for over a year

As the couples are reintroduced at the top of the episode, Lauren revealed that she and Cameron have been married for over a year now. This means that the contestants kept their relationships, or lack thereof, a secret for over a year.

Fan favorites, Lauren and Cameron, have been enjoying their marriage. “Life for us has been great,” Lauren said before revealing that Cameron gifted her a puppy. On the other hand, Amber and Barnett have had a rougher time since the wedding. Amber says that they had to move because their house was haunted but also admitted that it took a while for them to adjust to living together after enjoying the bachelor lifestyle for years.

Even the couples that didn’t make it to the altar kept in contact during that time, including Carlton and Diamond. A heated argument broke out between the two during  their Mexican honeymoon after Carlton admitted to being in relationships with men in the past, but today they are making strides towards forming a seemingly healthy friendship.

Amber explored divorcing Barnett

Amber admitted to calling a divorce lawyer at some point in time between their wedding and the reunion special saying, “We almost broke because we had such expectations [for] what we wanted out of a husband and a wife.” The couple’s relationship was put to the test when Barnett’s family voiced reservations about his fast-tracked engagement. Amber, for her part, questioned Barnett’s priorities after he sensed push back from his brother. Still, the couple insisted that they couldn’t be happier. “I’m actually really proud of how far we’ve come from where we were in the pods,” Amber said.

Jessica insists she was never interested in Barnett past the pod stage

Jessica’s flirtation with Barnett was one of the biggest conflicts in “Love Is Blind.” There was an immediate spark between the two during their dates in the pods and Barnett even went so far as to declare his intent to marry her. Unfortunately, that turned out to be a lie after he admitted that he was pursuing a relationship with Amber (his eventual wife) which caused Jessica to turn to Mark, 10 years her junior. It wasn’t until the couples united on their beach side honeymoons that Jessica saw Barnett for the first time. From then on, she took every opportunity she could to ask him about his relationship with Amber and had no qualms about telling others about the struggles she and Mark were having. On one occasion, a seemingly tipsy, Jessica confronted Barnett to inquire about his relationship, much to the chagrin of Amber who was watching from across the room. Things came to a head during the group’s bachelorette party when Jessica approached Amber informing her that she’d never try to steal Barnett away from her. Amber was offended by the mere insinuation of the possibility.

During the reunion special, a visibly embarrassed Jessica apologized to her ex-fiancee Mark for her drinking and to Amber and Barnett for obstructing their relationship. However, she makes it clear that she was never interested in Barnett once he turned her down in the pod stage. Despite the act of contrition, neither Amber nor Mark seem to believed her. Amber, in particular, refuses to accept the apology saying that she accepts “the intent behind” it but that she “can’t be fully there yet.” Mark said he wished he knew she was interested in Barnett, but Jessica says that she was “always honest from day one,” regarding her feelings.

Gianina and Damian are back together

Perhaps the dramatic high point of the entire series came when Giannina and Damian met each other at the altar. After encountering obstacle after obstacle, the two finally reach their wedding day. Giannina said “I do” but Damian could not. The couple confronted each other once the dust had settled but were unable to reconcile their differences, so it’s especially surprising to see them back together in the reunion special. They seem to have worked out many of their grievances with each other over a longer period of time than they had been allowed on the show. Damian, however, says that he still stands by his wedding day decision.

Carlton is still interested in Diamond

During their honeymoon, Carlton came out to Diamond, revealing that he had been in relationships with men in the past. Diamond’s reaction was one of confusion, but things soured when Carlton threw her engagement ring in the pool and called her names. The last thing Diamond did was throw her drink at him and walk away. As it turns out, Carlton fished the ring out of the pool and brought it with him to the reunion special. He gets down on one knee saying that he’d like to apologize to her for “calling her out of her name.” Diamond accepts his apology and the ring but admits that she was only attending the reunion on the condition that Carlton respect her boundaries.

When asked by hosts Nick and Vanessa Lachey if love truly was blind, the contestants unanimously agreed that it is, even the ones whose relationships never had the vision to see past the altar.