Netflix’s unscripted guilty pleasure “Love Is Blind” has quickly turned into a pop culture phenomenon, and the streamer is aiming to capitalize on that with a reunion special featuring the show’s cast.

Here’s the twist: The “Love Is Blind” reunion special will premiere March 5 — on Netflix’s YouTube channel. That will presumably expose the relationship reality show to even more potential viewers who might not have caught it yet on Netflix.

Although details on the special are slim, it appears that the Atlanta-based cast of 20 participants will be a part of the reunion special, along with hosts Nick and Vanessa Lachey. The reunion was taped last week, and is expected to clock in at about an hour.

Per Netflix, the special will answer burning questions such as which couples are still together; whether any castmembers have any regrets; what it was like to watch the show unfold in real life; and why certain unexpected twists and revelations happened.

The announcement of a “Love Is Blind” reunion comes as viewers brace themselves for the show’s two-hour finale, which premieres Feb. 27 on Netflix. The streamer premiered the show over the course of three weeks, with the first four episodes on Feb. 13, followed by five more episodes on Feb. 20.

Kinetic Content (“Married at First Sight”) is behind “Love Is Blind,” which follows a group of singles who get to know each other, but don’t get to see each other, while sitting in individual pods. Only after a connection is made, the couples get engage and finally meet face-to-face. The second half of he series followed the couples as they planned their wedding day and got to know each other in person.

Executive producers of “Love Is Blind” are Chris Coelen, Sam Dean, Ally Simpson, Eric Detwiler and Brian Smith.

The premiere of “Love Is Blind” has coincided with Netflix’s new “top 10 shows” feature, ranking the popularity of shows on the service — and the reality series has been at the top.

Even TV titans like Shonda Rhimes have tweeted their appreciation of the series: “When I saw there were only 3 episodes available of #loveisblindnetflix after I already got obsessed with Cameron/Lauren love? No lie, I thought: “So a show gets me addicted then makes me wait for new episodes only on Thursdays? Karma is a b#tch.”

A second season hasn’t yet been announced, but Coelen has also written on Twitter that he’s “100%” ready to produce another installment.