SPOILER ALERT: Do not read if you have not yet watched the fourth episode of “The Bachelor Presents: Listen to Your Heart.”

Last week on “The Bachelor presents: Listen to Your Heart,” the rose power went to a panel of judges, who eliminated Bekah Purifoy and Danny Padilla for their lack of chemistry onstage. After the performances, six couples remained: Matt Ranaudo and Rudi, Brandon Mills and Savannah McKinley, Ryan Neal and Natascha Bessez, Chris Watson and Bri Strauss, Trevor Holmes and Jamie Gabrielle, and Sheridan Reed and Julie Rae.

This week resumed with Chris Harrison in the mansion to deliver another format change. During the week, couples would be broken apart and forced to go on dates with other contestants in the house.

“I am going to put these relationships to the ultimate test,” he told them. “It’s meant to push you to have a different perspective. In some ways, it may strengthen your relationship. But at the end of this journey, we all need to know that last couple standing really is committed to each other both in music and in love.”

The new pairings included Jamie and Ryan (who had already gone on a date during episode one to Capitol Studios), Julia and Brandon (who were two-thirds of a love triangle with Savannah) and Chris and Rudi. Paranoia quickly swept the house.

Chris and Rudi headed on a picnic, and also used the opportunity to jokingly spy on the house with binoculars from their lunch setup. Ryan and Jamie did a spa day. Both couples ended their day with a mutual agreement of platonic friendship.

However, Brandon and Julia did not come to the same conclusion. The two spent an intimate day at the Roxy writing music, where Julia ultimately confessed that she wanted to pursue that relationship in lieu of Sheridan. The realization led to Sheridan’s exit, which was emotional for all contestants.

“I feel bad for Sheridan,” Matt told cameras. “He’s a great dude and he’s got the patience of a saint to have stayed as long as he did supporting Julia. But nobody wants to be someone’s second choice.”

The second casualty of the evening was Savannah. After an exhaustive fight with Brandon, she eventually chose to leave.

The five remaining couples then started rehearsals for their performances at Novo. Right before the concert, Natascha reignited the Julia/Brandon uncertainty by telling Julia that Brandon had admitted to preferring Savannah had stayed.

“I think Julia should know the truth about things,” she said. “No woman deserves to have the wool pulled over their eyes.”

Despite the conflict, the couples were introduced to the judges: former Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay and her husband Bryan Abasolo, and recording artists Andy Grammer and Toni Braxton.

Some couples excelled: Rudi and Matt, Chris and Bri, Natascha and Ryan. Others faced criticism. Trevor and Jamie were called out for being “nervous,” and Brandon and Julia’s new relationship came off as “disjointed” to the judges. Brandon and Julia’s chemistry ultimately didn’t translate during their performance, and they were sent home by the judges.

“[Brandon] treated it as a solo performance,” Julia cried during her exit. “I wish I could go back and choose Sheridan.”

“Listen to Your Heart” airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on ABC.