Kidding” starring Jim Carrey has been canceled at Showtime. The show aired its second season earlier this year on the premium cabler.

“After two seasons, ‘Kidding’ has concluded its run on Showtime,” the network said in a statement. “We are very proud to have aired this imaginative, critically-acclaimed and rewarding series, and we would like to thank Jim Carrey, Dave Holstein, Michael Aguilar, Michel Gondry and the entire cast and crew for their brilliant and tireless work.”

Carrey starred in the dramedy as iconic children’s television host, Jeff Pickles. While he is famous the world over for his kind and gentle ways with children, Pickles grapples with serious issues both personal and professional behind the scenes. It also starred Judy Greer, Catherine Keener, Frank Langella, Cole Allen, Juliet Morris, and Justin Kirk.

Carrey executive produced as well along with Dave Holstein, Michel Gondry, Michael Aguilar, Roberto Benabib, Raffi Adlan, Jason Bateman, and Jim Garavente.

The show marked Carrey’s first regular television role in over 20 years. It also marked another collaboration between Carrey and Gondry, with Gondry having directed Carrey in the film “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.”

Speaking at the TCA summer press tour in 2018, Carrey said what drew him to the role was the idea of identity.

“The search for identity is a theme that’s always been attractive to me,” Carrey said. “There’s definitely something in this piece that calls to me.” Carrey went on to say that the show touches on the idea of “trying to hang on to the idea of the self.”