JPMorgan Chase will sponsor a new programming segment on Fox Business Network devoted to examining how cities will re-open for business amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The three-part series, “Investing in our Cities,” will debut Tuesday, May 5 at 7:30 a.m. eastern on “Mornings with Maria,” which is anchored by Maria Bartiromo. The host will interview business executives and city planners and discuss the economic impact of the pandemic.

“We chose Cleveland Ohio as part of our first  ‘Investing in our Cities’ series because of what they are doing to help residents rebuild communities.  The Cleveland Foundation‘s goal is to enhance the lives of all residents in the Greater Cleveland area through donors and endowments to help develop leadership while focusing on business growth and prosperity.  The Greater Cleveland Covid 19 Rapid Response Fund has raised nearly $8 million and has made grants to more than 40 organizations in Northeast Ohio,” said Bartiromo in a statement. “Hoping other cities can learn how to help their communities get back on track and thrive once again after the Covid 19 pandemic.”

Executives at Fox News Media have been working to devise new programming franchises centered around lifestyle, education and other topics, in addition to the outlet’s focus on politics . Fox News Channel has recently held town halls devoted to questions around distance learning, for example.

The new series is expected to examine a different city each month. On Tuesday, Bartiromo will speak business executives from Cleveland, Ohio, including Dale Angin, program director for youth, heath and human services at Cleveland Foundation and Daniel Cohn vice president for strategy at Mt. Sinai Health Care Foundation.