UPDATED: It turns out, Cardi B was “just playing” about setting up a GoFundMe to help free Joe Exotic from prison.

The money-raising platform doesn’t allow people to raise funds for inmates convicted of violent crimes, according to their terms of service.



Like everyone in the world, Cardi has been tweeting about the new Netflix docu-series, which follows the bizarre story of Exotic, a private zoo owner with hundreds of exotic animals who ends up in jail for hiring a hitman to take out a rival zoo operator, Carole Baskin. The series covers all sides of Exotic’s crusade against Baskin, and the final episode leaves viewers wondering whether Exotic was set up by some of his shady business partners.

Exotic is currently serving a 22-year prison sentence for two counts of murder-for-hire and 17 federal charges of animal abuse. However, Cardi seems to believe that he was framed.


The Grammy-winning rapper also pledged to start a GoFundMe campaign for freeing Exotic.


The Netflix series has enraptured many viewers stuck at home during the quarantine, and ideas about who should play Exotic, Baskin and the other colorful characters soon sprung up on Twitter. Dax Shepard threw his hat in the ring to play Exotic, baring a striking resemblance to the zoo owner.

In Variety’s review of the series, TV critic Caroline Framke said, “Every episode — whether about Joe Exotic’s political aspirations or the suspicions that Baskin fed a husband to her tigers (really!) — has more than enough material to fuel its own entire miniseries. By and large, “Tiger King” depends on Joe Exotic’s own entertaining philosophy: come for the big animals, stay for the personalities wrangling them. For those who love Netflix’s particular flavor of true crime and docuseries, which depend heavily on wild characters and addictive pacing in order to keep a couchbound audience entertained, “Tiger King” will undoubtedly scratch a particular itch.”