‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’ Renewed Through Historic Season 18 by FX

Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia
Courtesy of FX

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” has been renewed for four additional seasons by FX, which means the show will shatter its own record as the longest-running live action comedy of all time.

“Always Sunny” will now run for at least 18 seasons. It was previously renewed for Season 15 back in May. The Season 15 renewal officially broke the record previously held by “The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet,” which ran for 14 seasons on ABC. The renewal is no small feat for the unconventional and genre-defining sitcom, which started out as a pilot shot on a home video camera nearly two decades ago.

The massive renewal announcement was made Thursday by FX chairman John Landgraf as part of the Disney Investor Day presentation.

Season 15 is slated to debut on FXX in 2021, with episodes airing the next day on FX on Hulu. “Always Sunny” was one of FX’s first originals, airing alongside early hits like “The Shield,” “Rescue Me” and “Nip/Tuck.” It is also FX’s longest-running show, period. Its core cast — Rob McElhenney, Glenn Howerton, Charlie Day, Kaitlin Olson and Danny DeVito — has remained intact virtually throughout its run. It began airing on FX but moved to FXX in its ninth season.

Its main characters all work at a fictional Philadelphia bar called Paddy’s Pub, where they engage in various schemes and illicit dealings for personal gain or simply to undermine each other.

McElhenney created the series and serves as executive producer along with Howerton and Day. Michael Rotenberg and Nick Frenkel also executive produce. FX Productions produces.

The show has remained a significant ratings draw even this late in its run. The 13th season averaged just over 3 million viewers per episode in multiplatform viewing. That’s up from 2.2 million multiplatform viewers in Season 10.