The International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences is sticking with a November date for its 48th International Emmy Awards, the organization announced Tuesday. But in one change due to the COVID-19 pandemic, semifinal judging will now take place online.

Nominations will be announced in late September, while the awards gala is currently scheduled to take place on November 23. The International Academy said it “is exploring and working on various configurations for its November gala celebrations with an in-person component, should circumstances permit.”

The International Emmy judging panels are usually hosted by members at in-person events throughout the world. Normally, hosts recommend and invite jurors to participate in these closed-door panels, which determine category nominees. Now, all online semi-final judging will be administered by the Frame.io video platform.

“We’re proud to say that the International Emmy Awards competition is on course for its November celebrations thanks, more than ever, to our members and sponsors,” said International Academy president and CEO Bruce Paisner. “They say it takes a village to raise a child, but it takes the world to run this global competition.”

The International Emmy Awards competition has three rounds of judging over a six-month period.

Here are the members who will host a remote semifinal round of judging this summer:
• Active TV Asia, Michael McKay (Singapore)
• Apple Tree Productions, Piv Bernth (Denmark)
• Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Michael Carrington (Australia)
• Bang Media Group, Keiko Bang (India)
• Broadview TV, Leopold Hoesch (Germany)
• Buena Vista Original Productions, Mariana Perez (Argentina)
• Cyber Group Studios, Pierre Sissmann (France)
• CTC Media, Vyacheslav Murugov (Russia)
• Eccho Rights, Fredrik af Malmborg (Sweden)
• EndemolShine Boomdog, Alejandro Rincὸn (Mexico)
• Fremantle, Sheila Hall Aguirre (USA)
• Globo TV, Carlos Schroder (Brazil)
• HBO Latin America Group, Flavia Vigio (USA)
• Huace Group Croton Media, Fang Yin (China)
• Helion Pictures, Steven Bawol (France)
• IMZ – International Music + Media Centre, Franz Patay (Austria)
• Inside Content, Geraldine Gonard (Spain)
• KBS (Korea Broadcasting Company), Sung-Dong Yang (Korea)
• Mesimvria Enterprises, George Xinaris (Cyprus)
• Monday Production, Lasse Halberg (Norway)
• NBCUniversal International Networks, Marcello Coltro (USA)
• Sato Company, Nelson Sato (Brazil)
• Sonae FS, André Sampaio (Portugal)
• Star Media, Vlad Ryashin (Russia)
• Stripe Studios, Alex Breingan (New Zealand)
• Telemundo, Marcos Santana (USA)

[Photo: Steve Coogan with the award for best comedy in “Alan Partridge’s Scissored Isle” at the 2017 International Emmys.]