Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer watched last weekend’s “Saturday Night Live at Home” and noticed one thing wrong about Cecily Strong’s impression of her. She was drinking a Canadian Labatt beer — not a Michigan brew — so the governor mailed her a homemade care package.

Strong, one of the long-running “SNL” cast members, posted a photo of her gifts on Instagram. Whitmer mailed her mugs, drink sleeves, a t-shirt and several cases of beer from Bell’s Brewery, one of the largest independent craft breweries in Michigan.

“Got a giant and gorgeous Michigan care package sent to New York courtesy of that super cool woman from Michigan,” Strong wrote. “Honestly, this blew me away!”

Strong also thanked “SNL” writers Sudi Green and Fran Gillespie for writing the skit. “I’m sorry I can’t share with you in person, so cheers to you from afar!” she wrote.

In an interview last week with local news station Fox 2 Detroit, Whitmer joked, “They got the beer wrong. It should’ve been a Michigan beer, not a Labatt. We love Canada, but we drink Michigan beer.”

Last week’s episode of “Saturday Night Live at Home” also featured Brad Pitt giving a spot-on impersonation of Dr. Anthony Fauci, who said Pitt was a “classy” guy for doing it.

Watch Strong’s “SNL” skit below.