L. Chris Stewart, the trial attorney currently representing the families of George Floyd and Rayshard Brooks, is teaming with eOne for a documentary series about his pursuit of justice for victims of police brutality.

The series, titled “Burden of Justice,” will see Stewart open up his life and his legal practice to show the harsh realities of creating social change. “Burden of Justice” was developed and is being spearhead for eOne by Madison Merritt, the studio’s executive vice president of development for unscripted TV.

Each episode of the show will use archival footage, interviews with families and friends of victims, witnesses, members of Stewart’s team, and Stewart’s own words to showcase these politically-charged cases in a new way.

Stewart, who also serves as an executive producer on the civil rights series, has become one of the most reputable lawyers in the country for delivering justice in cases of police brutality. In addition to representing the families of Floyd and Brooks, whose deaths at the hands of police officers have sparked mass protests around the world, Stewart has worked on some of the most widely-known civil rights cases in recent history, notably the case of Walter Scott, who was shot in the back on video by a police officer. That case resulted in a settlement for $6.5 million dollars, and a 20-year prison sentence for the office involved.

“Burden of Truth” will take viewers from the scene of the crime, to clandestine meetings to procure evidence, to confrontations at City Hall, to the front lines of protests. According to eOne, it will be a “no-holds-barred examination of what you don’t see in the fight for civil rights.”