Fox News Channel will try its hand at sports this weekend when it presents a one-hour special led by veteran sportscaster Jim Gray.

During the program, “Talking to GOATs with Jim Gray,” the sports journalist and “Fox & Friends” co-host Brian Kilmeade will talk about Gray’s more than 40 years in sports and present some of his interviews with sports giants like Tom Brady (pictured, above), Mike Tyson and Julius Erving. Gray is a Fox News Channel contributor.

Fox News has in recent months placed some emphasis on developing programs not necessarily tied to the politics and hard news that fuel so much of its regular schedule. The Fox Corporation-owned network has presented a series of specials under the rubric “America Together,” and Jeff Collins, executive vice president of ad sales for Fox News Media, has articulated a strategy of broadening out programming to include lifestyle topics ranging from sports to health and wellness.

Gray will also interview former Cincinnati Reds star Pete Rose for the first time since a controversial on-air in 1999, where Gray pressed Rose, present at a World Series game as a member of Major League Baseball’s All-Century Team, on the gambling allegations that led to his banishment from baseball, asking the baseball great if he thought he needed to show contrition. Gray and NBC Sports, for which he was working at the time, received some pushback from fans.

The program will air Sunday, November 15 at 10 p.m. eastern.

Gray’s new book, “Talking to GOATs” will be available November 10. During his career, he has worked for NBC Sports, CBS Sports and ESPN, as well as Showtime and Fox Sports.